Top 6 Warehouse Challenges & Solutions in the UAE & Saudi Arabia to Overcome them!

January 14, 2022

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The e-commerce platform is heading for way long success in the current scenario. The shift is quite acceptable from offline service to online purchasing to build the market and trust of the customer appropriately. The e-commerce section in Saudi Arabia and UAE are growing very fast. The tremendous shift has changed the mindset of the people on Broadway. The purchasing pattern and the thinking strategies to get things at the door without much effort.

E-commerce business people are taking up the market with innovative ideas and sales skills to build the trade service in the broader perspective. The online platform has broadened its horizon and redesigned the pattern or methods to entertain the customer choices. With the increase in sales at multiple channels, there is a need for a huge place or multi-warehouse to stock the stuff properly.

Warehouse problems and challenges in Saudi Arabia and UAE, along with solutions to resolve it

Every system has its loopholes in neutralizing the customer expectation and their demands. The multiple warehouses face many issues and challenge to overcome in the everyday functioning of the platform.

In this article, six challenges are mentioned below that a warehouse undergoes to keep track of their stock.

Inventory management: Inventory management is a challenging task that you cannot avoid, along with multiple sales. Inventory management is an essential aspect of warehouse management to look into. The complexity of the process rises as the number of warehouses increases. You don’t have to calculate the incoming and outgoing of one warehouse. You have to keep track of every warehouse inventory appropriately. If you fail to mention any warehouse’s lists, be ready to meet the consequence of overstocks or stockouts—the excess of any such results in a downfall of the business in a big way.

How to resolve such challenges

The need of the time is to set an integrated inventory warehouse management system. The system helps you have full access and control of the inventory in one go. The positive aspect of such a system is that your warehouse’s information will be updated in the stock in real-time without any miscalculation. If any data mismatch takes the place of stockout or overstock, it can be tracked and fixed easily with a fraction of a second. The automatic updates of the stock are done with accuracy and enhance the sales in the market to grab the customer’s eyes over it.

  1. Consumer demand in various locations 

As per the consumer needs and expectations which products should be manufactured more and which item to be reduced will be concerned more for sales purposes. But this is quite a complex state to handle the market’s growth.

How to resolve such challenges

To fulfill the consumer demands, the seller needs to keep track of the likes and dislikes of the consumer comprehensively. As a business model, you must know how to manage the demand and supply of the stuff in the market and what makes people crazier should be kept trending all time.

Social media play an important to circulating the latest version of the products in the market in a broader perspective. The e-commerce platform gathers the idea or the audience’s information through social media scrolls. People chase for the stuff that starts more and adds the same in their collections. The warehouse will keep the stock details accordingly and restock the property quickly as per the ongoing demand in the market in real-time.

  1. Shipping at various warehouse management

The warehouse coordination throughout the country seems to be illogical in actual times. The information may not sync at the right time to pick and drop the stuff, pack, and sort the property. The entire process costs a lot to maintain the warehouse, only 2-3 places.

How to resolve such challenges

Logistics and an updated version of the warehouse system software come into play to resolve such issues. The call is to collaborate with the local logistic service provider to take care of the matter, but this sounds a little weird as in UAE, the postal codes are not available to each corner of the state.

  1. Warehouse space 

The worst part to yell it is that despite enough space, you are not able to use it adequately. Managing a single warehouse and handling multiple warehouses makes a massive difference in the process. With the multi-warehouse space, there is a requirement for more staff to follow the inventory and warehouse management process. That even cost more.

How to resolve such challenges

An integrated and robust structure needs to be planned holistically for warehouse management issues. A virtual feature also plays an authentic role in placing the stuff in the right place without trouble.

  1. Minimization of product damages

To fulfill the customer expectation or demand, sometimes the seller or the manufacturer neglects the quality hugely.

How to resolve such challenges 

To serve the best quality, the company issues a barcode inventory system. Such a system helps check the quality of the goods and the staff at every stage until it reaches the final end-user. Even barcode scanners are also of great use to keep track of the quality of the products in a sophisticated way.

  1. Exchange/Return of the products management

The most common issue that the warehouse faces regularly is the return or the exchange of the stuff. The complexity of the process is that when the order is dispatched from one warehouse but is collected in terms of return or exchange from another warehouse, it troubles a lot in managing the warehouse system as you have to create a new space of the stuff itself a crucial task.

How to resolve such challenges

A backend system is of great use to keep track of the in and out of the stocks from different warehouses. E-commerce system like Unicommerce provides giant management features to dynamically resolve the return or exchange issues.

To manage the warehouse system and its return policies, you can organize or manage the warehouse by assigning a fixed place to keep the returned stuff according to their quality, type, and nature, Effective order replacement process, and proper inventory management setup.

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