Vin Lister

Automated Catalog
Management System

List your catalogs on 20+ marketplaces across 10+ countries in less than 5 minutes.

Use Vin Lister and save hours of manual effort in listing your catalogs.

How You Benefit from Vin Lister

Create content once and push your catalogs to global marketplaces across25+ categories including:

  • Watches
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Home Furniture
  • Toys & Baby Products

Our Customers

Vin Lister

A SaaS-based automated catalog management system that helps brands to create, automate and manage product catalogs across multiple global marketplaces.

Marketplace specific image formats - ready in one click

Marketplaces have different image formats, adding to the complexity of processing the image for each marketplace.

Our product catalog management system eliminates the need for multiple product shoots and re-sizing images to meet the marketplace criteria.

5X faster go-to-market with ready to upload templates

Your products need fast and timely go-to-market, leading to successful product launches and higher sales.

With ready to upload templates for popular marketplaces, our catalog management software ensures 5X faster exposure of your catalogs.

Simplified, one time, upload-ready catalogs

Each marketplace today has its own set of templates, product formats and naming conventions.

Our catalog management software helps automate this process & creates ready to upload catalogs that can be pushed directly to marketplace feeds.

10X efficiency in managing seasonal catalogs

Manual listing of seasonal catalogs on multiple marketplaces can be challenging.

Our automated catalog management system streamlines this process by creating standardized templates and reduces manual efforts dramatically.

Why use Vin Lister?

Centralized repository for all product data

Upload-ready content sheets for different channels

Comprehensive product data accessible for business users

Marketplaces standards compliant catalog creation

Automated channel-specific image transformation

Ready category-product mapping