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Manage your end to end product information centrally and provide seamless experience to your customers.

In the era where customers make informed purchase decisions, product information management plays a crucial role in the sale of the product when brands sell across multiple channels and wish to provide customers a seamless experience. With proliferation of products due to the internet's long tail across multiple channels, customers demand concise and clear product information that they can understand and make purchasing decisions. By providing better and consistent channel specific product information, a PIM enhances a customer's product purchasing experience.

A Product Information Management System (PIM) essentially manages the product information from supply chain to commerce to consumers who are going to place the orders that are listed.

A PIM’s key features include:
  • Collection of the information from different sources
  • The enrichment process through which all the product catalog is mapped and transformed to product specification requirements of the marketplace and other sales channels
  • Maintain/Managing/Updating seasonal catalogs
  • Distribution of catalog across different sales channels

Vinculum’s Product Information Management System (Vin PIM)

provides the seamless product experience required to win customer trust and capitalize on every opportunity to upsell, cross sell and retain the customer. It works on solving the following problems:

  • Standardize the Product Information management to meet the requirements of all of the sales and distribution channels
  • De-duplicate the information obtained from different sources
  • Allow to clean the information to keep data consistent
  • Enrich the information to be able to list on the different channels
  • Distributing and managing seasonal catalogs
  • Control and secure workflow to manage the capture and editing of a product specification
  • Transform to meet the policies defined by the various channels for listing the catalog

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Features of Product Information Management (PIM)


Creating a central repository to collect, manage and enrich the product information


Supports multi source and multi channels


Standardization of the Product Information Management


Control and secure workflow to manage the capture and editing of a product specification

Vin PIM Supports Multisource and Multichannel

It ensures that data is consistent, accurate and complete with the requisite information before it gets listed.

Once created, it enables the product catalogs for distribution across the sales and eCommerce channels.


Sources of Information and
Distribution Channels for Vin PIM


Vin PIM accepts information from multiple sources, these include:



The one who offers the
product catalog


Repository of media to manage the image and video of the product acts as an digital asset


Product information deciding tool for historical product information


Vin PIM data can be used to publish product catalog across different channels such as:


Brand’s Website

A website owned by brand which is the source of information to their consumers


Across multiple marketplaces based on a central repository of information

Own Stores/Franchise Stores

Manage inventory in offline stores to address needs of the omni-shoppers

Benefits of Vinculum’s
Product Information Management System (Vin PIM)


Increase Sales and Reduce Returns

  • Contextual data specific to the channel’s hierarchy
  • High quality and consistent data that helps in order tracking, inventory and returns management

Improves Productivity

  • Reduce manual efforts and workflows by 80%
  • Helps in optimizing data in bulk
  • Identifies duplication of data and expired/seasonality of inventory

New Market Entry with Increased Assortment

  • Manage local assortments and get faster Go Live in new market
  • Versatile: Multi-format/Multi-device/Multi-channel

Industry Recognised

SPARK MATRIX under the Technology Leaders for PIM 2022

Who Should Use Vin PIM?


Marketplace ensures the standards and specifies each product regardless of how a vendor defines it and helps vendors onboard correct product information management. It also helps check mandatory fields and optional fields as defined.


Product information management system collects and manages product content from the brands to publish the information onto multiple marketing and sales channels.


Vin PIM acts as a centralized data hub for online and offline channels for the brand distributors.


Frequently Asked Questions

PIM (Product Information Management) is a business solution that enables the process of collection and management of product information to market and sell products across different sales channels.

The objective of the product information system is to create, enhance and enrich the product information by the internal organization to support a multichannel sales and marketing strategy.

There are multiple benefits of a product information system like Contextual data specific to the channels’s hierarchy, Data optimization in bulk, De duplication of data, faster go live in new market etc.

To create a central repository to collectively collect, manage and enrich the product information which reduces the manual errors, better the data visibility and simplifies the distribution of the information to the other channels.

It streamlines the process of information management centrally and delivers high quality product information across channels.