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Who We Are

We are a global SaaS company with customers in 30+ countries & a leading player in providing retail technology helping brands and retailers to scale up faster. Our 200+ integrations and a connected ecosystem of 80+ partners a full-stack solution for omnichannel retailing and supply chain fulfillment for brands.

Our products help brands to keep consistent product data across data sources, easily list products to global marketplaces, orchestrate real-time view of inventory in stores, and manage orders, fulfillment, and returns seamlessly across channels.

Vinculum Partner Program

Vinculum Partner Program follows a customer-first approach wherein we partner with regional and global players in the Retail domain whose products & services can add value to our customer’s needs. At the core of Vinculum’s success lies our open, modular, and decoupled product architecture with an ability to integrate with other systems, channels, and partners. This resonates with our business vision of Enabling High Growth Brands to Scale Faster!

Our aim is therefore to create & leverage a network of partners who can work with us jointly to take best-of-breed solutions to the market. So if you have a product or service that resonates with this vision, join hands with us.

Partnership Models


Technology Alliance

Partner having a complementing product that gets integrated with Vinculum product stack and is sold as a combo product and enhances the overall value proposition for Vinculum customers.


Channel Partners

Think of a channel partner as an extension of the sales team. They refer, resell, manage, and/or deliver products, helping you (the company or vendor) go to market faster.


System Implementer (SI)

Partner involved with the new trends in the industry and has the requisite technical expertise and experience in the domain to advise solutions. Expertise in one or more products including POS, ERP, eCommerce technologies, etc.


Ecosystem Partners

These are partners which offer services like digital marketing, content management, etc. completes the overall ecosystem. It may or may not get integrated on the Vinculum platform.

Vinculum Partner Program Benefits

Partner Program Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on the type of partnership, we sign the partnership agreement encompassing the trade terms & commercials. The commercials vary depending upon the nature of partnerships. Thereafter a dedicated partner manager is assigned to plan the joint GTM (Go- To- Market).

Typical industry segments that can be targeted are Fashion & Lifestyle, Grocery & FMCG Brands, Beauty & Cosmetics, Healthcare, Home, Furniture & Accessories, Mother & child care, Electronics, Tools & Equipments & more.

Our market readiness is predominantly in India, across Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia & the USA.

The nature of partnerships is decided based on the product offerings & the synergy of the customer profile you cater to and target geography. It can be through a simple referral/reseller partnership where we could refer or resell products or through a technology Alliance where a complementing product gets integrated into existing Vinculum products and can be sold together. If a partner is involved in technical expertise & solutions, we could establish a partnership that would provide a complete one-stop solution to the customers. Do refer to the section on different Partnership Models for more details.

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