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Marketplaces owe you money! Our payment reconciliation system detected leakages worth 70 crores INR in 2019.

Find leakages in your financial transactions of orders, inventory and returns.

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How Vin Reco Leakage Report Looks Like?

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How Is Your Money Leaking into Marketplaces?

Each marketplace has its own commission structure, payment terms, fees, penalties & other charges. Without an effective accounting and reconciliation process, it's easy to lose track of your payments as explained below.

Commission Overcharges

Sales commissions depend on product categories and are usually calculated using a percentage of each unit’s price.

Our marketplace payment reconciliation system identifies any commission that has been incorrectly charged and provides data for the same.

Shipping Overcharges

Marketplaces charge fees for shipping based on categories defined by product’s dimensions, weight and location of the delivery.

In the event a shipping category is wrongly recorded, our payment reconciliation system helps reconcile such overcharged shipping fees.

Pick-Pack Overcharges

Packing overcharges usually include the cost of physically picking, packing and shipping items.

If a marketplace incorrectly charges the order, our payment reconciliation system captures such transactions and provides a report for the same.

Inventory Missing Without Reimbursement

A marketplace may refund the buyer in case of return request but the inventory might not be returned to the fulfillment center.

Our payment reconciliation software provides real-time data for such returns & helps to reconcile marketplace payments & missing inventory.

Carrier Damaged Without Reimbursement

If goods are damaged during shipment, a marketplace must reimburse the seller against the damage occurred.

Our marketplace payment reconciliation system creates a report for the same, for which the seller can raise cases and claim reimbursement.

Replacement Without Reimbursement

In order replacements, a seller may ship multiple units but would receive payment for only one, or none.

Our marketplace payment reconciliation software records such transactions and provides a report for orders against which you have received incomplete or no payment.

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