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March 10, 2022
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Popularly known as the 2nd fastest growing industry, eCommerce has touched Saudi Arabia too, inspiring outstanding eCommerce businesses today. Saudi Arabia’s eCommerce industry offers numerous business options which are highly profitable and expandable. With the oil and mining industry slowing down, this opportunity is excellent for Saudi Arabia.

A game-changer in the economy, eCommerce businesses hold the ability to generate revenue from around the World. See money right into your business account if you’re already in the industry.

Overview of eCommerce Market in Saudi Arabia

With the pandemic all around the globe came a lot of changes in everyday life; rapid technological development led to a rise in global eCommerce business success. Saudi Arabia is no exception and is now the 25th largest market. The pandemic from 2020 gave eCommerce Companies in Saudi Arabia US$ 7 billion.

Saudi Arabia is expected to see almost double 2020’s2020’s revenue by 2025, predict Boston Consulting Group and Meta Platforms. This inspired our team to list out the best eCommerce companies in Saudi Arabia based on the criteria below:

Criteria for the Best eCommerce companies in Saudi Arabia Criteria

1 Delivers Quality Customer Support & Retention

    • eCommerce businesses fulfilling these criteria help business to:
    • Review experiences of prior customers for most comprehensive company services
    • Customer reviews on the eCommerce website possibly give an insight into the company company’s services
    • Informs one about company service capabilities before, during, and after shopping online
    • Owns outstanding ratings and customer retention rates

    Criteria 2 Ensures Quality and Smart Product Selection

    • eCommerce businesses fulfilling these criteria help business to:
    • Offers virtual assistants, chatbots, email communication, SMS alerts, and more for the customer’s benefit
    • Maintains transparency while talking about their products/services
    • Delivers excellent customer service

    Criteria 3 Brand Awareness

    • eCommerce businesses fulfilling these criteria help business to:
    • Innovative UI website that’s simple, clean, and appealing
    • Implements marketing strategy systematically, giving positive outcomes
    • A brand builds popularity with its branding

    Criteria 4 Payment, Returns & Shipping Policies

    • eCommerce businesses fulfilling these criteria help business to:
    • Offers convenient and varied payment modes for customer
    • Provide transparency in payment, return, and shipping policy

    Top eCommerce Businesses in Saudi Arabia this 2022

    Explore Vinculum’sVinculum’s list of top eCommerce companies and takeaways from these successful businesses in Saudi Arabia:

    10. Koinz

    The nextgen platform, Koinz, has boosted the F&B industry in Saudi Arabia. Merging the online and offline worlds, Koinz helps brands gain, engage and retain customers online and offline.

    9. Rakuten

    A Japanese company, Rakuten, offers various services, including eCommerce, finance, travel, and more. Rakuten offers online travel booking, credit card processing, and other services in Saudi Arabia.

    8. Target Corporation

    Owning one of the biggest retail stores across North America, Target Corporation has successfully delivered gifts, collectibles, home decor, clothing, and other products to Saudi Arabia. Target Corporation offers great branding, customer engagement, marketing, and brand presence, leading to highly retentive customers.

    7. Walmart

    Spread across countries, Walmart is a chain of stores now gone online. This revenue-generating eCommerce brand now offers insights into customer behavior, contributing significantly towards customer experiences. At Walmart for Saudi Arabia, get toys, groceries, clothing, and almost anything online to your doorstep.

    6. eBay Leading online marketplace eBay has a strong brand presence. The brand has empowered people to buy and sell goods and services online. Goods such as antiques, rare items, and more are bought and sold online, making it a platform people trust.

    5. Middle East’sEast’s most popular online shopping destination,, has successfully delivered affordable, quality, and variety of products for aspiring audiences. The brand goes a level higher with its exclusive, in-house collections, perfumes, electronics, and more.

    4. Mercado Libre

    An online marketplace that allows people to buy/sell from homes is rapidly growing. Mercado. Libre is the best alternative to old-school brick-and-mortar stores.


    As the logo implies, Amazon provides A-Z product solutions around the globe. This multinational retailer has reached places with its unique marketing strategy. The branding is solid and Prime benefits are unbeatable. Amazon proves to be a successful eCommerce business in Saudi Arabia with its vast choices.

    2. Newegg

    Newegg has grown over the last decade amid the Saudi Arabian market, a popular online retailer for computer hardware, software, and related solutions. You can look up Newegg for its large selection of products, including tablets, laptops, computers, smartphones, and other electronics. Newegg is popularly known as the largest online retailer in Saudi Arabia.

    1. AliExpress

    A global marketplace, AliExpresshas helped connect buyers and sellers from around the World. Popularly known as the World’s most preferred marketplace for entrepreneurs and small businesses, AliExpress has proven to be a world-class eCommerce brand for the Saudi Arabians. AliExpress promises and delivers transparency, low fees, simple navigation, and more, a go-to location for global small businesses; AliExpress has a long journey with vast upcoming successes.

    Closing Insights

    ECommerce businesses highly influence today’s culture; brands go online, tap global markets and become an essential aspect of one’s life. eCommerce in Saudi Arabia is now a significant sector. However, it needs resource management.

    To give justice to Saudi Arabia’sArabia’s potential to become a high revenue-generating sector, it’s time you contribute as a business owner entrepreneur and make money! With Vinculum, build your brand in Saudi Arabia with quality, efficiency, and flexibility.

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