8 Ways for Successful eCommerce Returns Management

December 17, 2021
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Year after year, eCommerce businesses around the world have continued to grow. People today rely on the internet to meet their shopping needs in no time, at the best prices.

A recent study by Invesp reveals that the return rate of eCommerce products ranges from a minimum of 30%. This implies, managing eCommerce returns is crucial. To achieve success in eCommerce sales, it is of essence that your website can attract customers who can make purchases.

However, it is natural that some purchases will be returned, giving you all the more reason to manage eCommerce returns effectively from the source. Okay

So, how can we tackle eCommerce returns successfully? Explore the key ways now:

  • Begin with a clear return & wise policy 
    The best place to add return policy details for an eCommerce business is online on the website. This way, the customers get complete access to the web page, and the process of product returns is disclosed very transparently.A good return policy will clearly state:

    1. Return last date
    2. Criteria for return
    3. A restocking fee, if any
    4. A return shipping fee, if any
    5. Additional costs, if any

    Tip: Explore competitor websites’ return policies to draft your own. Read customer reviews to deliver the best eCommerce experiences.

  • Ensure the return policy page is easy to find on your website. 

    As mentioned before, keep your return policy pages accessible for customers visiting your website. You can outline an excellent location for your return policy on your FAQ page, and you must also add contact details for further interaction. Above all, add a return policy link in the footer or sidebar of your website.Tip: With an explicit & transparent return policy for your eCommerce business, you will see smooth customer interactions and excellent client experiences.

  • Understand laws governing returns 
    According to the current policies in the USA, federal law has clearly stated that all online stores must accept returned merchandise if found defective. Also, a three days window period is open for a return, irrespective of the reason.Tip: Keep in mind the country you are targeting v the country you’re working from while getting successful eCommerce returns.
  • Add pre-printed return labels during shipments. 
    A good eCommerce business becomes great the moment its returns are simplified, and customer experience is spot-on. Even a slight misunderstanding in online shopping can bridge a gap, preventing further shopping.With pre-printed return labels, your return process is simplified. All the customer needs to do is repack the product with the return label on it.Tip: If you own an eCommerce business for businesses, you can help access return tables through order history & systematically return their purchases.
  • How about free return shipping?

    One of the main reasons why eCommerce businesses have boomed is because of free return shipments. No customer would want to return products where they’d have to pay for returns. If return shipment fees create financial hardships in your business, go ahead and add the additional expense.Tip: It’ll be of great help if your business owns retail stores. This way, customers can return products to your doorstep without any hassle.

  • Give a reasonable span for accepting eCommerce order returns.

    Consider the impact your orders leave on customers while making returns. The purpose of smooth returns is to keep them happy; don’t ignore that. Instead, draft a policy that is fair to your customers.Tip: A fair return policy limit can be within 15 or 30 days of receiving an order.

  • Automate return process

    With a sound warehouse management system, simplify warehouse management, eCommerce business processes, and more. At the same time, manage return processes in just a couple of clicks. Try Vinculum!Tip: With a sound warehouse management system, complete complex processes like return requests, product management, and more in just a few clicks.

  • Review return of orders, return policy, and more. 
    It is essential to close orders and begin new ones. As a business owner, you must ensure there are no negative experiences for the customer. With good practices, follow up with customers on returned orders or go for Warehouse Management System where each return, shipment, etc., is tracked down.Alongside, review the return policy now and then to stay at par or ahead of your competitors. Identify trends to adjust policies, pricing, and more.Tip: Keep your competitors closer to discovering trends more easily

Final Thoughts 

Processing return orders is quite normal to work within an eCommerce business. Establish a reasonable return policy & get an advanced warehouse management system for best results. With these two components set in your business, reduce time and hassle associated with your customers and you.

If your online business is looking for a plan to manage returns, have a conversation with the best warehouse management company, Vinculum. Get the help your business needs to accelerate to new levels!

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