Best Inventory Management Softwares in Malaysia?

September 19, 2022

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No businesses across the globe can function without inventory. The company’s most valuable asset functions continuously to generate revenue for the company. Tracking inventory is as important as acquiring it. Lack of inventory management is one of the top reasons why small businesses collapse in the market. Inventory management software has become a lifeline and backbone for business owners.

Business applications can track, manage, and organize product sales, material purchases, and other production processes to make up inventory management software. The days of maintaining track of inventory on a pen and paper are gone forever; nowadays, businesses are using barcode or RFID-based systems to track shipments, locate raw materials, and load their goods and services.

Companies that use inventory management software spend less time and resources on basic tracking and more time analyzing, identifying, and reducing model inefficiencies. So we have compiled a list of Malaysia’s top inventory management software that can work best for your business in managing your inventory and saving your precious time and resources.

1. Vinculum

The inventory management software is designed to automate and centralize the inventories across a single channel. The software helps you to get a real-time view of inventory across the stores to make your warehouses smarter and meet the customer’s expectations.

The software can handle and update the stocks in the inventory and reduce the risks of stockout and overstocks. The software is designed with a robust and user-friendly interface, helping the business owners keep a track record of products and sell and restock across multiple locations and channels.

2. Deskera

Despite being the best in its class, Deskera ERP and Deskera Inventory offer an impeccable combination of features, including purchase, sales, billing, vendor, account, customer, financial reporting, item master, stock, checklist management, and much more.

Deskera is a comprehensive business solution for accounting, invoicing, inventory, payroll, CRM, and other functions. The Deskera Mobile app works seamlessly with desktop features also.

3. Netiquette Inventory Management System

A comprehensive set of inventory control is provided by the Netiquette Inventory Management System that links to your inventory management system. By removing manual errors and establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to approved order, successful order to fulfillment, and timely invoicing to payment, purchase, and sales modules have the capabilities that help you accelerate your order-to-cash process.

4. NetSuite

Netsuite offers a range of features like traceability, replenishment, cycle counting, multi-location inventory management manual processes, and many more. Full traceability is made possible by forward and backward tracing that connects finished goods to customer orders and suppliers. Businesses can carry less inventory and free up cash by using a single view of items, inventory, and orders. Demand-based replenishment automates reordering by using historical sales data and seasonality.

5. AccelGrid

AccelGrid is a collection of seamlessly integrated modules covering sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and purchasing. AccelGrid assists companies in reducing data re-entry and improving accuracy. The web-based solution is adaptable to fit different business processes and workflows. AccelGrid is user-friendly and compatible with a variety of devices.

6. Shipedge

Total inventory management through channel automation (selling channels, suppliers, & shipping carriers). A cloud-based supply chain solution called Shipedge aids eCommerce businesses, 3PL warehouses, and distribution centers run effective order fulfillment operations. The software is designed with robust functionality, helping to eliminate dead stock, utilize forecasting for replenishments, and keep track of inventory from anywhere.

7. Unleashed

Unleashed is a cloud-based platform to handle your inventory requirements. The software allows you to track the stocks in real-time across multiple locations. The robust software will enable you to gain broader visibility of the entire inventory process and global transactions across the warehouse.

With more comprehensive visibility, your business can make better and data-driven decisions. This software integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms to provide a holistic business solution.

The Final Thoughts 

The inventory management software helps business owners track numerous inventory and sell their products and services on multiple channels. Designed with advanced features, the tools allow clear visibility of the order status, shipping, and fulfillment processes. The manufacturers globally require software to track the assembly, while on the other side, e-commerce sites can keep track of inventory counts in real-time.

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