Proyog partners with Vinculum to promote ‘Authentic Yoga’

Proyog partners with Vinculum to promote ‘Authentic Yoga’

By Vinculum - Sep 16, 2016

Yoga has been practiced for more than 3,000 years and is rooted in the aim to bring its practitioners’ bodies and minds into harmony with the universe. Today, more and more people are turning to this ancient practice.

Estimates say that over 200 million people around the world practice yoga. The US market for yoga is pegged at around USD 26 billion. The world market for yoga is closer to USD 80 billion.

Bengaluru-based Proyog is a company intent on demonstrating to the world, India’s ability to design and manufacture best-in-class products for the practice of yoga. The world’s first authentic Yogawear brand, Proyog offers fabrics which are non-restrictive and styled in a manner that the practitioner is barely conscious of its presence.

Launched in 2015 on the occasion of International Yoga Day, Proyog is meant for serious yoga practitioners and aims to enhance their practice. Presently, the product is selling over eCommerce platforms, both in the domestic market and internationally.

In the future there are plans to sell through premium and specialized MBOs and yoga studios worldwide; and high-end chains in the US like Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, and Nordstrom.

Our Engagement:

Vinculum has enabled Proyog to hit the market with Vin eRetail, our retail suite that enables multi-channel order management and fulfillment. Proyog has a multi-company model to cater to its B2B and B2C orders and inventory separately.

Vin eRetail has facilitated the execution of this model, via its robust functionality and host of functionalities. The solution helped Proyog streamline its online operations and order fulfillment processes.

Vin eRetail’s in-built integrations with leading logistics companies, accounting systems, and other powerful functionalities will help Proyog setup and run cross-border operations.

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