Where can I sell products online in the Philippines?

June 18, 2022

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With an ever-growing vibrant population proficient in digital transformation, the Philippines market is a fast-growing industry in Southeast Asia.

With a dynamic population accessing the internet, the uncertainties have been reduced. When the entire world is connected via the internet, eCommerce sites will experience a surge, benefiting the economy as a result. When the number of Filipinos’ internet users increases, the eCommerce market in the Philippines will boom.

Even though the market has a low penetration rate, a significant number of companies exist. A vast number of potential customers, both domestic and international, enter the market.

To survive and create income, the company must understand the market’s demographics. The best eCommerce websites are classified based on the amount of traffic they generate and the products they provide to their customers.

Where to sell products online in the Philippines?

1. Lazada.com.ph

Ali Baba, the Chinese eCommerce behemoth, acquired a significant stake in Lazada and its Southeast Asian operations a few years ago. This is a well-known platform that houses all of the products under one roof. Lazada features more than 3000 brands, indicating the vast range of products accessible. Rocket Internet launched the service in 2011 and is currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

2. Shoppee.ph

Clothing, gadgets, pet meals, and other daily necessities are just a few available things.

This website is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan and offers a unique digital experience.

When Shoppee first started in 2015, it had over 11,000 retailers on the marketplace in less than two years. It is one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent platforms.

3. Amazon.com

This website is designed to meet the needs of Filipinos throughout the country. It is among the top ten based on the number of users and the amount of traffic generated by visitors.

4. Carousell Philippines

Carousell was conceived as a mobile platform. Users could sell their products by selling any of their other items.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have Carousell. OLX was the previous name for Carousell.

The business organized the sale of automobile accessories, tools, and appliances, as well as clothing, shoes, books, and craft items.

They currently have jobs and services offered that users can use as a service for their business or household.

5. eBay Philippines

The Carousell platform was created to be used on mobile devices. Users might sell things by selling any of their own.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are part of the Carousell network. OLX was the old name for Carousell.

The company set up shop to offer anything from car accessories to tools and appliances to clothing, shoes, books, and craft items.

They currently feature a list of jobs and services users can use for their business or home.

6. Globe online shop

Globe online shop is an online store operated by Globe Corporation, one of the Philippines’ leading enterprises.

It sells a variety of things such as electronics, mobile devices, fashion, and other deals.

They also provide products from world-renowned companies to their consumers, expanding their customer base.

7. Metro deal

Globe online shop is the online store of Globe Corporation, one of the Philippines’ leading enterprises.

Globe online shop is an online shopping site that sells a variety of things such as electronics, mobile devices, fashion, and other deals.

They also provide their consumers with products from world-renowned brands, expanding their customer base.

8. Beauty MNL

A group of people follows Beauty MNL, which hosts local and international beauty items.

This is one of the most popular platforms for beauty goods to keep its customers looking beautiful all day.

Beauty MNL offers a diverse range of items to its consumers. It is a specialist online retail business that sells only beauty and fashion products.

The available products and services are promoted to the magazine audience when combined with the magazine audience.

9. Argomall

Argomall is a smartphone specialist that sells genuine devices with a Philippines warranty. Its goal is to provide a simple platform for customers to research, select, and enjoy their services.

It also ensures that its target audience receives a seamless and efficient internet service. Argomall prides itself on offering exceptional and personalized service to its clients.

10. Galleon.ph

This marketplace advises against purchasing products in the Philippines because it imports them from the United States and China and sells them to Filipinos at their doorstep.

Their website features a wide range of products, including appliances and infant care. They also sell industrial and scientific developments, making it easier for Filipinos to purchase items that aren’t available in their own country.

Many services and products are available online for individuals in the Philippines marketplace, and it is up to the user to choose what he needs from the profusion of options. The firms that own these services must maintain the clients’ trust in these internet platforms. Maintaining the quality of the products and services is essential to keep clients coming back.

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