Spotlight: How we turbocharged Happily Unmarried’s business

March 22, 2016
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Spotlight: How we turbocharged Happily Unmarried’s business

Happily Unmarried – a leading lifestyle brand

Established in 2003, Happily Unmarried is a leading lifestyle products company based out of Delhi.

The anti-establishment (by their own admission) develops content, products and services using popular culture, emerging trends, design & cultural insights as inspiration. Happily Unmarried’s underlying philosophy is to be irreverent, desi, fun & forever young. It sources its designs from local artists and craftsmen from all over India and delivers them at exceptional value to its members. It is present in major regions, offering its services in countries like USA, UK, and India.

This is how we worked with them to help them grow.

The bottlenecks

Happily Unmarried – in its initial stages, handled all the orders and inventory manually. There was no sync between the stores and warehouses which led to mismanagement and chaos. The key issues were –

  • Unreliable merchandising system which led to mismanaged SKUs across stores/warehouses.
  • Lack of sync between store and warehouse operations.
  • The absence of barcoding practices which made the organization prone to inventory issues.
  • Manual inventory management made it difficult to fulfill orders on time.
  • Differences in pricing management for different customers.

As the organization scaled, it needed a complete solution that would allow it to manage their operations efficiently.

How we helped

Vin eRetail is our SaaS-based suite– that includes features such as orders fulfillment, merchandising management, warehousing management, inventory and returns management, to enable multi-channel retailing for businesses.

Our system helped them scale up their business operations, by delivering on the following values:

  • Real-time inventory sync: Syncing the Vin eRetail software with front-end systems resulted in inventory accuracy.
  • Setup of their physical kiosks: Cloud-based POS for physical stores enabled real-time visibility of sales and inventory for physical stores, leading to improved planning and forecasting.
  • Low TCO: SaaS-based software helped them to access the system with no installation.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Integrations with handheld devices increased efficiency.
  • Introduced automated processes which optimized their order fulfillment, reducing manual errors.
  • Delivered the ability to generate KPI reports, enabling our client to keep track of productivity and inventory.

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