How to Become a Seller on Noon?

September 21, 2022

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The e-commerce business models are quite excited to make more sales in the market, such business strategies are expanding worldwide to generate a considerable amount of it, Online selling is the most trending way to purchase stuff over offline shopping, Approx 48% of buyers prefer Different online websites to get the items of their choice at their doorstep.

Such a shift in the online shopping pattern provides many options to add products to their cart. A customer can buy products from lower to higher prices at online shopping sites.

In the GCC region, Noon is the best website for shopping in the marketplace, Noon gained around two million customers’ attention in the last 5 years, In such a platform, the sellers can sell new, refurbished, and used products on the online store to fully understand customers’ needs and desires. Such a platform helps in the control of the process along with the rise in the sales of the product in the marketplace.

This platform comes out with the idea to sell the stuff in two ways. The first one is Noon FBN (Fulfilled by noon), and the second one is B2B (Business-to-Business) to provide numerous business options.

In this article, you will learn about Noon and how to sell over here with all the advantages and benefits.

To be a seller on Noon. 

Noon deals only on the most selling item online in the Middle East, in 2020, noon announced the “Yellow Friday Sale” from 24th to 29th Nov to expand the sale, Noon does branding with Bollywood stars like Shahrukh khan and others to encourage the customers to buy the product through online ads, campaigns, or video messages from Noon website,

As Hisham Zarka, the Managing Director and CTO of Noon say, we help local brands, businesses, and entrepreneur to reach out to the vast crowd in a simple and accessible way in the middle east. The concept behind the Yellow Friday sale was to encourage local businesses to connect with the global market to flourish the sales in the market in a significant way.

The yellow Friday concept came into play in 2018 to attract as many customers as possible with the help of coupons, discounts or offers to boost the sales channel in the market. The strategy became victorious over the first year, which led the noon to the biggest sale of the year, approximately 25 million sales.

The market offered 80% discounts over the original price and massively fetched the customer. Such products involve gadgets, beauty products, clothes, accessories, and many other relatable products to hike sales in the marketplace.

The increase in customer base and numerous sellers on the platform helps expand Noon to be a part of eCommerce sales. Certain benefits that engage in such a platform are mentioned below:

  • Significant interaction with the audiences
  • Enhance the traffic on the online store as well as the website
  • The rise in the customer base
  • Encourage trust to buy stuff from an online store
  • Lesser manual work
  • Lesser error in the workflow

Steps to become a seller on Noon

To be an eCommerce seller on Noon, you need to follow specific steps and eligibility to be a Noon seller.


To be a seller on Noon, you need to have a trading license and register here in Egypt, UAE, and KSA. Once you get your consent, you must create an account on, submit all the documents as per the company’s need, and pay a token amount called noon seller fees.

The documents that you need to submit at times of registering yourself is such a platform are mentioned below:

  • Commercial Registration or trading license
  • Residence ID or passport
  • Proof of purchase
  • Letter from distribution authorization or a manufacturer certificate or permit
  • Residence Visa for non-nationals
  • VAT certificate

Once all such documents are submitted, you must wait a week for the noon support team to work over it, cross-verify the information, and provide noon seller training to run the platform vividly.


Once the account is activated or live, you need to give bank details to receive the payments in terms of sales and purchase of the products in real-time. For that, you need to provide details like

  • Bank account number
  • Swift code
  • Bank branch
  • The legal name of the company
  • Iban
  • Cancelled check with legal company name, IBAN, and bank account
  • Store currency


After the account activation, you can select any of the Noon Fulfilment options or choose both, the inventory is kept separate for all the available options.

Noon B2B Fulfilment


In terms of B2B, they handle all the processes and maintain product quality at its best, Once the order is placed, Noon logistic team calls the express pick of the order for moving it to fulfilment centre, then the order is packed then shipped and delivered to the customer address, Such a process helps take care of all the products’ pricing, processing, quality, and quantity.

I hope this article gives you a brief idea about how to sell on Noon. and steps to create the account in the same are described in a short note to make the seller of the process significantly. Once the account is created, you are eligible to run the platform and do business out of it in a substantial way. Such media greatly help sell the brand products online and profit from them prominently.






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