How to Adapt Your eCommerce Business to the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 22, 2020

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How to adapt Your ECommerce Business to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Good news is that COVID-19 Vaccine Tests have begun implying, we’re all going to get through this soon. However, this does not mean that social distancing can be taken a break from. A lack of supply for the current need has brought in various kinds of shopping patterns along with panic. Here are the patterns we’re witnessing in the E-Commerce Industry during COVID-19:

  • Panic purchasing, stocking of essentials is on the rise
  • Grocery shopping, canned goods are on the go because of compelled home cooking
  • An increase of 73% in the e-commerce shopping for essentials in developing nations

As a business owner, retail store owner, e-commerce brand owner, you need to address the COVID-19 Pandemic in a very smart way. This can be in 2 basics yet, exciting ways:

  • Change your product of sales/ manufacturing
  • Market your brand, let them know what your brand is going through

“As the Coronavirus quarantine continues, there are a number of factors that could change how much consumers continue to shop online and the degree to which brands want to shell out for eCommerce advertising,” discussed in a report, Digital Marketing Industry News.

So, what is your business going to do? Give it thought and glimpse through marketing campaign step wise strategies which your business can benefit from anyway:

Rethink brand priorities

Brand priorities include the product you’re selling, how you’re dealing with difficult times and more. You can, as mentioned before always change your product from producing lingerie to producing masks. This could be done in ways like:

  • Rolling out email marketing campaigns with your existing mailing database (via PIM management systems.) This way, your mails feel personal and empathetic
  • Updating the information directly on website; however, for that you need to have really good website traffic going on
  • Roll out ad campaigns about all your brand updates, priorities and more

Communicate business goals

Once your e-commerce company rethinks their priorities, communicate the goals to your customers and followers. The current COVID Pandemic may go on for longer than predicted currently. Hence, an immediate temporary goal setting must be done which can be:

  • Provide convenient, safe and appropriate ways to provide products/services
  • Make donations of surplus resources to communities
  • Be vocal about employee management
  • Host fundraising campaigns to help the needy

These goals are mostly to let your followers know that you are flexible and empathetic towards the current supply needs. This brings a level of class for your e-commerce brand success.

Make Use of Your Mailing Database

Email marketing currently is the best and most cost-effective way to send out the updates to customers. You can follow tips like while rolling out sales- based marketing campaigns, please stick to the contact-base database. Or, send out offers like free shipping fees or great deals!

In case your business is not being able to run, there is no problem. You need to understand that these are hard times and profits can be made later; now’s the time for connecting with customers heart to heart.

Alternate techniques to offer Optimum Productivity Online

Let’s take an example here. For instance, you are a brand who sells cupcakes online. You do not manage to stay in business due to the pandemic. However, now is a great time to build on other sources of income like:

  • Hosting digital events. Zoom, Vimeo and so many other websites have made it easy for several digital events like webinars, podcasts and other presentations become easy to host.
  • Take optimum advantage of live streaming. Make sure you plan and promote your live stream well ahead of time. Make is a point to stay interpersonal and relevant.
  • Post a video. The best way as of 2020 to market anything on a virtual level is by creating a video and promoting it. Make sure you promote your brand as a strong brand, not too sales- oriented.
  • Create a guide. Guides are all about knowledge, case studies and so much more. There are so many creative ways in which you can create your own e-book or guide and sell it to people who want to make use of this time by learning new skills, educating quality leads and more.

There is a sure-shot return expectation for your e-commerce brand. Reason being, this is all virtual and, in your hand, to work towards and promote. You can hang in there, you know.

Can your e-commerce business really overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Well, it depends on how retailers, business owners and others perceive this pandemic to be.

COVID-19 crisis has really taken out all options for retailers to really be able to sell anything at all. However, it’s made a wonderful attempt to make online shopping going; bring in profits as well. Coronavirus has made businesses rethink priorities are areas of scope for businesses.

All you need to do now is, either change your manufacturing product, selling product; you can also use marketing strategies to support sales and brand visibility.

The supply chain can still be dealt with but, with smartness and extreme alertness.

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