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June 29, 2018

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With the advancement of technology, the Retail industry is changing at a massive pace, adopting new fundamentals, modifying the existing ones. With this change in the Retail and eCommerce Industry, expectations of your customers have also changed. They want to research products online, but are more comfortable to buy at your physical store: they expect a similar and seamless experience across all sales channels.

A similar study by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey reveals that about 73% of the consumers use both online and offline channels, simultaneously. So, it’s no longer a matter of Online Vs Offline but providing the customer with a unified experience across both and as the line in between the online and physical channels is getting blurred, a relatively newer approach is emerging – the omnichannel.

Surely Omnichannel Retailing brings in new opportunities for Retailers and eCommerce Brands but it also brings in challenges like:

  • Knowing Customers’ shopping Behaviour.
  • Meeting Customers’ increasing expectations.
  • Delivering a seamless experience across all sales channels etc.

Keeping this in mind, Vinculum is hosting a webinar on 6 July, 2018 at 3:00PM to 4:00PM IST on the topic “Omni Channel Retailing – Helping Brands and Retailers Reach Customers Where They Shop”.

The panelist for this discussion, Shubhra Singh (DGM – Digital Product, VLCC); Priyanka Chauhan (Senior Manager- Online & Product, RITU KUMAR); Pallav Atreja (Business Head – EBO & E-commerce, Amante MAS Brands – India) and Venkat Nott (CEO & Founder, Vinculum Group) will hold an in-depth discussion to solve the ongoing dilemma about Omnichannel Retailing.

The key points to be covered in the discussion are:

  • Where do customers shop?
  • How to serve customers better wherever and whenever they shop
  • Offline-Online transformation: Opportunity and Challenges
  • How to deliver a personalized & flexible shopping experience to build customer loyalty and centralize operations/campaigns across all sales channels
  • How Technology enables brands and retailers to transform their business in order to understand, predict & meet the increasing demands of customers quickly.
  • Use Cases/Examples of successful brands from across the globe.

Limited registrations available. Reserve your place now by registering yourself here free!

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