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January 19, 2018

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Accomplish more with Vin eRetail!

To thrive in the digital era retailers need to go beyond the traditional marketing activities and redefine their stores for the digital age. Tomorrow’s winners will be those who are able to transport their stores into the digital world in a manner that delights customers, builds loyalty and generates brand value.

Keeping this in mind, we have added some brand new features to our existing product portfolio. This month we have little something for everyone. Retailers can take the advantage of Cloud supported billing system in augmenting their POS solution and sellers will love their newly added automated inventory synchronization. See below for a sneak peek.

Feature Update:

  • Cloud Fueled Billing in POS system: Now Vin eRetail POS system is fully compatible with IMEI feature and backed by the cloud, billing printers can print paper receipts fired by the POS system in auto mode.
  • Integration with Path Finder: Vin eRetail POS has integrated with PathFinder, a mall management company to support newly opened stores with the POS data for their billing purpose. We have successfully created API for the data sharing to cater the needs of the various customers including Planet Superheroes, India Circus, Nykaa etc.
  • Flexible B2B Pricing: Bands can now update prices as per the business needs. Offering flexible service dimensions that support customer choices, together with flexible pricing strategies can provide the supplier with additional pricing dimensions. Regular and temporary pricing formulas allow users to update B2B pricing during a period of events, sales promotions etc.
  • B2B Orders – Proforma invoice is the blueprint for the entire process in B2B business. A provision to print the proforma invoice for B2B orders is now available in the system.
  • Cycle Count: Validating the accuracy of inventory is no more an arduous process. With a newly designed interface compatible with both Desktop and App versions, users can keep a track on the inventory regularly.
  • Automated Inventory Synchronization: Integration, automation, and synchronization are crucial elements of managing eCommerce inventory. Earlier the automatic deduction of seller committed inventory was not possible. Now whenever there is a new order placed, the system automatically deducts the inventory from the existing stock.

Vinculum is enabling the eCommerce ecosystem with its powerful SaaS-based products providing integrations with 100+ web-stores, marketplaces, and logistics & fulfillment service providers globally. This helps multi-channel retailers domestically and cross-border to grow their business manifolds. Vinculum customers comprise players in the retail/eCommerce including Offline & Online Retailers, Online Marketplaces, Shipping/Fulfillment Companies, Online Sellers, and CPGs.

Vin eRetail is a SaaS-based Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management suite enabling Multi-Channel Retailing for Online & Offline Retailers, CPGs, 3PLs and Marketplaces.

Vin eRetail POS is a multi-channel cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) solution to help retailers create a remarkable shopping experience on the go. With ready integrations to store and online systems, our POS solution is designed to meet the complex needs of modern retailers.

Seller Panel is a collaborative platform for on-boarding sellers quickly and effectively. This also helps sellers to register their products, manage their catalog, and fulfill & track orders easily.

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