Why Do Brands Need to Create an Omnichannel Experience?

June 23, 2021

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Omnichannel experiences are crucial for businesses. It helps build communication, maintain and enhance customer relationships. With 67% retailers opting for omnichannel strategy successfully, there’s no going back. The COVID-19 pandemic infact proved to boost omnichannel experiences by 15% amid customers in the USA alone.

V12 says, brands have retained customers by 89% with seamless experiences for your customer with omnichannel strategy. Continue ready to explore how and benefits of omnichannel experiences.

Explore omnichannel & connected terminologies

Omnichannel refers to reaching out to customers with all channels of communication. Omnichannel marketing is preferred by most companies today because of consistent shopping experience delivered to customers.

Omnichannel Customer Experience is all about leveraging multichannel strategy, combining retail, marketing and customer experience at once. In simple words, omnichannel experiences create seamless and holistic buyer journeys with/for your brand.

Omnichannel Customer Experience is different from Omnichannel marketing. Let’s explore it with an example:

Take brand X retail store which you visit to purchase a shirt. Due to its unavailability at the store, you ask the store head to check for availability elsewhere. The store head checks and realises that there’s no retail store where the product can be purchased from; however, it’s available online and can reach you at your doorstep. This is an omnichannel customer experience.

Omnichannel marketing, on the other hand, is all about reaching out to customers with paid and organic ads using offline and online marketing channels. The prime objective of this marketing strategy is to target multiple customers, via multiple channels, in an integrated fashion.

How to create an Omnichannel Experience?

Omnichannel customer experiences are centered around serving customers with customer support, marketing and integrated sales. This helps the customer have a very consistent shopping experience.

Note: Your website needs to have crisp data about your brand, products and more. To ensure a quality omnichannel experience, you may convert this information through chatbot, social media marketing and other sources. Explore strategies to help create an omnichannel experience for your customers:

Trace & resolve customer identities

It’s essential for your brand to emphasise on resolving customer identities. All you need is a customer perspective to map the journey across online and offline channels.

Pro Tip: With buyer persona and user journey, you will be able to ace omnichannel experiences!

Develop your superior omnichannel strategy

With marketing research and insightful marketing experts, create a superior omnichannel strategy. It’s time to explore!

Pro Tip: Your omnichannel strategy can strike a balance between quality, transparency, speed, flexibility and connectivity amid other channels your customer visits!

Use technology

To improve data quality, make the most of technology and optimise tire business outcomes. Several brands capture data but do not know what to do with it. Get smart and get going to create the best omnichannel experience ever with technology.

Pro Tip: Whether your customer uses desktops, in-store kiosks or even an app, your omnichannel experience needs to be in place!

Why Your Brand needs Omnichannel Experience

According to v12 data, omnichannel presence comes with an average of 89% engagement with customers. With multiple brands attempting to create a bond with its customers, explore key benefits that come with omnichannel experiences:

Enhance customer engagement

See an increase in your customers’ engagement with your brand with an exciting omnichannel experience. Additionally, a flexible buyer’s journey will help brands enhance engagement with the brand using diverse products/services.

Increase customer retention

With good omnichannel engagement, increase customer retention. Your customers will definitely stay to make a purchase with excitement in marketing. Make your customers loyal to you by communicating with them for the purchase. Let them know your brand cares.

Boost sales experience 

Being the primary goal of your business, achieve it smoothly with omnichannel experiences. Improve conversions with a seamless omnichannel user experience and see the trust building between you and your customer.

Go out there and help your business bloom with omnichannel experiences

In conclusion…

Businesses have been switching from multichannel marketing to omnichannel marketing. Especially with the pandemic rise in 2020, brands have been more prompt about opting for omnichannel experiences for customers.

Define your marketing strategy and adopt the above approaches to boost brand engagement with Vinculum. Create an omnichannel experience for your customers, explore an array of features which will enhance overall customer experiences. Vinculum helps brands grow and achieve key business goals through marketing strategies.

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