Top eCommerce sites in India who are invincible this 2020

July 10, 2020

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top ecommerce sites in India

The year we’re in has been difficult for all. We entered the year with great enthusiasm, drive & technologies. Ever since March 2020, online markets have been extremely critical.

India is one of the highly populated countries which led to a drastic upscale in the number of Covid-19 cases. This led to several eCommerce brands running out of business.

Before 2020, eCommerce brands like Flipkart, Nykaa, Amazon, and several others were succeeding because of their convenience, discounts, flexibility, and more. The Covid-19 pandemic shook all businesses. However, digitizing these businesses helped.

With just 40% of internet users in India and about 560 million people, going digital during the pandemic was more difficult than ever. Something very strategic happened.

Amazon took the lead and so did several other eCommerce brands to help common men live, eat and survive in peace with their excellent service strategies!

Before exploring how the brand became invincible, Let’s explore the top eCommerce brands who made it big this 2020:


Amazon started way back in time. Founded in 1994, Amazon in the USA started with online bookstore selling followed by electronics, jewelry, toys, apparel, and more.

Over the years, they’ve now become a global brand with the highest traffic as an eCommerce brand, especially during the pandemic. During the pandemic, they also up-scaled their deliveries for home essentials and gadgets


The best eCommerce website for B2B sales, IndiaMart is a competitor for several brands like Alibaba. The brand managed to receive 40 million+ visits a month during the pandemic.

Visitors from the import-export industries, wholesalers and several others come here to buy and sell online without any hassles.


An online pharmacy during the pandemic would be a jackpot business. 1mg, with website traffic of over 7.5 million each month, provides eCommerce services for selling essentials like medical test equipment, medicines and more.

This healthcare information provider & online pharmacy is just the perfect mix of a good digitized business.


Home decor, lifestyle, apparels and more were also a priority during the pandemic. Myntra, one of the most loved brands in India kept going with its exciting theme-based shopping solutions, deliver services and more.


It is unbelievable to see a ticketing portal be up and running during the pandemic. The brand managed to come up with strategies to keep business running smoothly with online shows, movies, digital concerts, virtual sports, gaming and more.


Founded in 2012, Nykaa is now popularly known as one of the smartest business-to-consumer eCommerce brands in India. They managed to sell and ship thousands of cosmetic and wellness products, clothes, and more to India only.

This beauty eCommerce brand has managed to receive 13 million+ traffic on its website during the pandemic. Nykaa is popularly known as the brand that helped its multi-brand loving customers without any hiccup & safe delivery.

PayTM Mall

With estimated traffic of 5.9 million a month, this sister brand of PayTM is one of the top providers for fashion accessories, gadgets, home essentials, and more.

The eCommerce brand made it possible to allow buying and selling of products with third parties.


The pandemic didn’t stop the kids from taking birth. Firstcry’s smart eCommerce strategy helped provide baby care products, clothes and accessories for children.

With a 16 million+ online traffic record during the pandemic, they’re now one of the top brands for baby care.


Snapdeal is known to be a diversified online shopping experience. They offer almost all products at great prices.

Known to be one of the most recognizable eCommerce brands in India during the pandemic, Snapdeal helped train the eCommerce landscape in India.


India is proud of Flipkart and its efforts. Founded in 2007, this brand went from selling books online to help cater to daily essential needs among a huge chunk of the country’s population.

Strategies followed to keep business going during COVID pandemic

When March 2020 arrived, all eCommerce brands were taken aback and didn’t know how to go about serving during a lockdown.

However, shopping never stops, desires never end and so do any citizen’s needs. Let’s explore how these unprecedented times kept business going this 2020:

  • Constant updates & clear communication with customers via website/ app. Communicating honestly and openly with customers is a great way to keep business going. This way, customers will not panic and feel informed.
  • Seek out for opportunities. Some businesses like Flipkart, Amazon and several others switched from their regular business to delivering essential services.
  • Innovate, wherever possible. The innovation of strategies like ‘No-Contact Delivery’ have been a hit during the pandemic and possibly will stay for longer. This was a very innovative strategy that helped several businesses like Myntra become up and running!
  • Identify budding consumer habits. Budding consumer habits like ordering choices, priorities while shopping, and so on need to be researched here. You cannot sell a Chanel bag to a common man and expect a sale during the pandemic; instead, go for businesses like buying essentials, tote bags, and so on.
  • Geo-location marketing. The lockdown restricted the country from doing business across states. This is when geo-location marketing took over; targeting customers based on the reach and accessibility.

In conclusion

What are you waiting for? Yes, we’re suffering from a pandemic but, we’ve managed to create a parallel world of data-driven markets.

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