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November 15, 2022
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Online sale is the best option in this digital world. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar companies, eCommerce makes it possible to sell anywhere in the world.

Companies that want to expand their consumer base overseas have a wide range of growth prospects; as predicted, by 2023, the worldwide e-commerce market will be around 6.7 trillion USD.

Large portions of this enormous sum are coming in from essential regions like the US ($470 billion), the European Union ($465 billion), and Asia (1965 billion USD). With this, it is evident that going global is the best way to utilize the market’s full potential.

We’ll provide tips on selling globally, including platform choices like using your e-commerce website or selling through a recognized marketplace.

How to sell globally

You can accomplish this in two ways. The first is having your online stores, such as one created using Woo commerce, big commerce, Wix & Shopify. The second option is to utilize a recognized online global marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Zalora and Shopee.

Below, we’ll go over both possibilities.

Using a website builder to create an eCommerce store

Building your eCommerce store is more straightforward, thanks to website builders like Wix, Square Online, and Shopify. In contrast to earlier eras, when you require a brief understanding of code to establish your store, you can create one in just a few easy steps today.

These websites are ideal for conducting business worldwide as they give you the resources, assistance, and support required to market and sell your goods and services globally.

Platforms for creating e-commerce websites also give you some certainty regarding the expenses involved with maintaining your websites, such as hosting, domain registration, and other related charges. The platforms are perfect for individuals who want a precise estimate of how much their online store will cost.

Some of these platforms additionally provide specialized solutions to assist you in accessing international markets. For instance, Shopify offers answers to assist you in reaching out to new customers worldwide and personalizing their experience to boost conversions and promote growth.

Using an online marketplace to sell

Online marketplaces offer an additional choice for individuals wishing to sell to many consumers globally. Some of the renowned marketplaces are:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Alibaba
  4. Rakuten

These platforms give you access to a ready-made global audience and let you choose where you’re willing to sell.

Using these platforms to sell worldwide allows you to start selling much faster than if you were to build your website. Upload your products, make the necessary selections, and you’re ready. However, these markets often demand far larger fees than your website.

Marketplaces can be an excellent alternative when used with your website because you can take advantage of the ready-made global reach while selling at a cheaper cost.

Tips for selling globally

It can be intimidating to sell in a new market if you are accustomed to selling primarily only to local or national clients. We’ll provide a few simple pointers in this part on how to start selling globally.

Choose your markets wisely

There are several things to consider while choosing a new overseas market to sell. It’s a good idea to enter a market just because it has the potential to be profitable, but you should also look for the following:

  1. Consumer culture
  2. Language spoken
  3. Cost of shipping
  4. Import/export licenses
  5. Taxes
  6. Political stability

You’ll better understand which market would be best to target first once you’ve evaluated the whole spectrum of criteria.

Use relevant marketing

If you currently have an online store, you might have already spent a lot of time figuring out the finest marketing approaches, plans, and techniques to draw in clients and persuade them to buy your products.

Although this information will undoubtedly be helpful, various international marketplaces call for multiple strategies. For instance, most customers in Europe and the USA will begin their product search through a search engine like Google. Contrarily, search engines are heavily constrained in China, forcing customers to look for brands using alternative channels.

You can increase the return on your marketing investment by having a deeper understanding of the global market you’re about to enter.

Make your store local

Making your store unique will assist you in making it appealing and valuable for your potential clients. To make it easier for customers visiting your new target market, you should translate your store and products into the local language.

Choose your payment methods carefully

International customers will find it simpler to shop at your store if you accept payment through multiple methods. Some clients might find it challenging to purchase from you if you only have one or two payment options.

For instance, you might take payments from PayPal and various credit cards like American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. To keep your firm as profitable as possible, you’ll want to be highly cautious and keep an eye out for the costs of each payment method.

Learn about tax laws and regulations

Every nation has its own unique set of tax laws, the majority of which are likely to affect you if you sell worldwide. The precise amount you must pay will vary depending on several variables, such as the place from which you’re selling, the site through which you’re selling, and the kinds of goods you’re trading in.

Please make sure you know the tax implications before choosing a target area for international sales, and include them in your prices as necessary.

Choose a fulfillment center

Utilizing fulfillment centers can be an easy solution to lower costs and stress when you decide to sell worldwide. It will also hasten the delivery of customer orders. These facilities keep your stock in (or close to) the desired area. The fulfillment center will then package the item and dispatch it to the customer on your behalf when you receive an order.

Considering how expensive and slow international shipping can be, hiring a fulfillment center can be a wise choice for firms that want to operate quickly. Take Vinculum, for example. With Vinculum, brands and retailers can easily reach, delight, and scale their customers globally.

Know about the shipping & returns policy

While selling globally, shipping and returns can be trickier and more expensive.

Your returns policy, which should be readily visible on your website, should make it evident for overseas clients to take specific steps for returns. To outline the charges and delivery time for foreign shipments, you should also take the time to amend your shipping policy.

Promote local customer service

Check out below two reasons to invest in local customer service.

  1. The first is time’s practical aspects or ensuring someone is on hand to assist your clients when they need it.
  2. The second reason is to ensure that your clients feel that their queries and issues are valued and addressed by someone with whom they can connect and readily converse.


Consumers are turning to global marketplaces more frequently to shop because they provide tremendous customer service and seamless experience. Extensive local knowledge and the right alliances for your target markets and product line are essential for market entry success.

Vinculum, a multinational software provider that enables omnichannel retailing, aids in your quick entry into the most competitive markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. We can help you gain the highest visibility and income for your brands thanks to our partnerships with an extensive network of marketplaces and our thorough understanding of their listing requirements. With Vinculum, selling your products globally would be easier because:

Centralized inventory

It’s okay to have numerous inventory warehouses to serve different marketplaces.

We offer a single view of real-time inventory while synchronizing your inventory. Our solution provides market-specific customizable inventory controls, ensuring:

  1. Prevention of overselling and no unhappy customers
  2. Avoid unsold inventory
  3. Increased sales

Order management

For marketplaces and their clients to be satisfied, orders must be captured and executed accurately and promptly.

You are provided with a thorough, real-time picture of orders from several marketplaces by our Order Management System (OMS). The following benefits result from this:

  1. A single dashboard for packing, printing labels, and manifest orders for all markets.
  2. Notifications and alerts to make sure you get all purchases.

Easy listing across marketplaces

For the listing, each marketplace has specific guidelines that must be adhered to.

Our Catalog Management System (CMS), Vin Lister, automates the procedure and makes it simple to list products. You can accomplish this by employing a master template from which you can retrieve market-specific data. You can also store all product information and picture formats.

With Vin Lister, you can:

  1. Stick to complete adherence to market requirements
  2. Faster time to market
  3. Agility and adaptability in addressing the various needs of various markets

Financial and accounting solutions

To maintain visibility and profitability, your orders, inventory, payments, and returns must be synced and reconciled across several internal systems, particularly finance & accounting.

Our prepared connections with financial systems like QuickBooks and Tally guarantee hassle-free accounting for all of your marketplace activities, which results in the following:

  1. Complete adherence to local accounting and tax laws
  2. Less effort on accounting difficulties.
  3. Possibility of setting aside extra time for business expansion

Logistics solutions

Developing markets in other nations demand sophisticated logistical support.

We streamline the process by providing you with unmatched access to international logistics solution suppliers. Our collaborations with the world’s top 3PL solution providers and last-mile fulfillment partners support:

  1. Choose the right partner.
  2. Costs for shipping and logistics are optimized.
  3. Dependable delivery and inventory management to satisfy consumer expectations

Support for several languages and currencies for cross-border fulfillment

Global presence requires adaptability and agility.

We will help you to achieve this through the following:

  1. The system supports southeast Asian regional languages like Thai, Bahasa, and Vietnamese so that users who are not fluent in English won’t encounter any problems.
  2. Selling globally also entails accepting orders in several currencies, but our technology simplifies accounting in the base currency.

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