Going direct-to-consumer: How Brands are Making eCommerce Work in 2022

November 14, 2021

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The shift in the market from offline service providing to online or digitally has made the market unprecedented. The change in the market value has changed the mindset of the people to get direct-to-consumer brand service quickly.

The technology is the core to set the online e-commerce business with quick and easy to go service. Going direct-to-consumer is the modern way to survive in the market and maintain brand quality. The pandemic has made the seller transfer to direct-to-consumer(D2C) to attract the consumer and increase the workforce to fulfill the customers’ needs.

D2C is the significant change for the brands to maintain the quality and long-term relationship with the consumers. As consumers believe in trust assured by the D2C, what D2C expects in return is loyalty from the customers.

Why choose direct-to-consumer for brands? 

The direct-to-consumer removes the intermediary or third-party retailer glitches and attracts the customer at low rates. D2C is not a new concept, but it is grabbing the market very fast from 2020.

D2C is customer-centric and aims at satisfying the desires of the consumers. The strategy and brand marketing are done keeping in mind the consumer’s needs.

  • Reasons for customer’s direct approach

Direct-to-Consumer is a customer-oriented approach, and the consumers are benefited in a significant way. Let’s explore a few of the reasons and benefits of D2C.

  • Consumers choose their purchasing quality.

The search engines show that the customers chose the brand products of their choice. The D2C brand’s trust assures the consumers.

  • Brand Experience 

Nearly 34% of the consumers want their respective brand choice to upgrade their skills and know what their customer wants in true sense.

  • Consumers love to surf brand sites. 

These days customers are more into purchasing things through the respective brand websites rather than any other source. Approximately 48% of the consumers visit the brand sites every month for purchasing.

  • Brands online review for purchasing

The customer’s reviews or feedback are essential for the new buyers as the comments will inspire others to purchase brand products easily. Around 33% of the customer reviews will help in buying and make an attractive social media status.

  •  Social media is at the pinnacle.

With the help of social media, half of the brand’s name comes into sight, which helps get the correct information about the brand and its usages. Around 28% of consumers do shopping just by scrolling the social media sites and gathering all the information through social commerce.

Advantages of direct-to-consumer ways

Amid the pandemic, the direct-to-consumer have made an excellent way to cover the market. Despite all the challenges, the D2C has had lots of benefits.

  1. Fulfill the consumer’s expectations
    The D2C brands fulfill all the expectations of the consumers based on their attitudes and behaviors. The brand manages the customer’s needs in the right way and at the right time.
  2. D2C helps in gathering data
    After getting rid of the intermediary or the third party, the D2C gets the chance to collect more information about the customer’s choice and purchasing skills. This helps in making a marketing strategy and blueprint to establish the brand name.
  3. D2C lowers the cost 
    D2C cuts the price of the products as there are no middleman glitches.
  4. Seller and buyer relationships 
    A direct connection with the consumers gives full access to the D2C brands to showcase their products to the customers and attract them. D2C maintains the seller and the consumer relationship in a robust way.
  5. Maintain your customer service The D2C business model maintains its customer service in a great way. They hire more employees to provide the service to the customer even in this pandemic. D2C deals directly with the consumer and sells the product in a regional way. Around 21% of the customers have a direct connection with the seller.
  6. D2C as an online business 
    Dealing with the business online is quite challenging. D2C is accelerating the growth of business online in a fabulous way.

Ways to roadmap the D2C business model 

  1. Get the data of the customers
    The D2C gets all the information regarding the customers purchasing and what they desire to get shortly. D2C targets the audience in a very vivid way to capture the market and mindset of the consumers.
  2. Target AudienceYour constant audience will never disappoint you. The targeted audience behaviors motivate other consumers through their comments and feedback to buy the products of their choice.
  3. Consumers’ purchasing journey D2C understands the consumer’s mindset and shows the products as per their choice. They study the customer’s purchasing journey and deal with the consumers accordingly.
  4. Brand tagline 
    The brand must carry a touchy message to attract consumers and motivate them to buy their products. Having the best news or headlines will help the brand to make profits out of it.

Why D2C business model?

D2C is flexible and serves the best purpose to satisfy the customer’s needs. Just a click away, and your product is at your doorstep. The D2C business model is the best example to work in a team and the best digital platform to attract consumers.

D2C builds the consumers’ trust and maintains a strong bond with the buyer or their targeted customers.

D2C is the old pattern in the e-commerce platform, but these days it has made its name the pinnacle and more trending to capture the market.

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