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August 16, 2022

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In the United Arab Emirates, e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth. While one of the causes of this change may be the UAE’s young, tech-savvy population on the rise, the broader market structure has changed to consider digitalization. The entire market environment in the United Arab Emirates appears to have changed due to e-commerce, from the increased use of online marketplaces to the arrival of merchants from other countries to claim their digital property.

You have many opportunities at your disposal, from creating various touch points across platforms to keeping repeat consumers and updating marketing techniques.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur considering launching an online store in the United Arab Emirates? Or perhaps you already have a physical location but are having trouble keeping your inventory and orders in sync? You might even have a strong web presence, but your operating expenses make it difficult to increase your bottom line. The solution, then, is to link your order, inventory, and logistics to speed up inventory turnaround and coordinate your efforts.

But let’s first concentrate on the available market opportunities and comprehend the market’s undiscovered potential for e-commerce enterprises!

UAE Online Retailers’ E-Commerce Challenges

Although e-commerce is expanding rapidly in the United Arab Emirates and more consumers are using online channels, there are still some difficulties that e-commerce companies must overcome. However, you must first realize that inventory, order, and logistics are tied together. Even if you are an expert at one of these, the process will not be complete, preventing you from increasing business revenues.

Consider the following: To get more control and visibility over your inventory, you have implemented an automated e-commerce inventory management system. However, you are still unable to complete requests on time. What causes might there be?

Your outbound workflow might not be robust enough. Manual errors may be frequent for businesses without properly implemented inventory, demand, and logistics systems. Or perhaps you are unable to delegate your orders to shipping companies effectively?

Problems that you will inevitably face in the absence of an effective inventory management system include:

UAE Inventory Management Challenges

Businesses in the UAE are experiencing difficulties with e-commerce inventory management, such as maintaining a real-time inventory count and quick stock replenishment. One of the leading causes of the inventory problems is the outdated and subpar infrastructure of warehouses, which are incapable of storing the goods in an organized manner. The complexity of the value chains is another factor that restricts the expansion of e-commerce companies. People in the UAE frequently experience the following inventory management issues:

  • Unable to keep up with the inventory count in real time
  • Maintaining rapid supply replenishment is challenging.
  • Inventory at the warehouse is difficult to find because of the poor visibility.
  • Inventory consolidation and sorting issues because of dated warehouse infrastructure
  • Observing instances of stockouts during peak season difficulty managing market orders due to inadequate inventory and online order synchronization

How can you Overcome the Challenges? 

In the modern technological era, choosing a technology that can manage and handle your operations with the most excellent convenience is more crucial than ever. You can carry out various duties, from keeping track of the inventory to automating order updates to interfacing with the top logistics players.

Let’s get started by comprehending the procedures and steps needed to address the operational issues with inventory management.

Solutions for inventory management in the UAE

A centralized Inventory Management System, like Vinculum, will allow you to comprehend the depth of multichannel and omnichannel retail, whether it be centralizing inventory to analyze inventory levels and stockouts or updating the list and warehouse in real-time. Additionally, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and update actual and virtual stock across numerous sales channels in real-time
  • Give clients an omnichannel experience by seamlessly integrating offline and online inventory.
  • To maintain a stable stock flow and dispersion throughout all sales platforms, keep an eye on stock movements.
  • Automatically synchronize stock to provide correct visibility, ultimately enhancing sales and reducing order cancellations.
  • Rotate inventory to solve omnichannel issues such as stock deterioration, damage, and the cost of maintaining immobile or dead products.

While the UAE’s e-commerce market is about to undergo a significant change due to shifting consumer preferences, it is crucial for you as a seller to comprehend these difficulties and their answers. Why? Because your operations are the cornerstone of your company, if you prepare yourself for all the problems, you will undoubtedly be able to accelerate your company’s growth, and who isn’t seeking that?

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Quick tricks for growth:

  • Reconciliation of overcharges
  • Single inventory dashboard
  • Reduced order processing time
  • Standard and accurate data

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