Top 9 Marketplaces to Sell Your Products in the Middle East

July 17, 2020

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The golden rule of marketing and sales is – be where your customers are. In the times of pandemic, as consumers are wary of entering physical marketplaces, it is imperative for all retailers to expand their scope to a digital space.

Your first go-to online marketplace could be Amazon. But if you are planning to get your products to the Middle East, here are nine other online marketplaces, you may want to consider:


Literally translating to a marketplace or bazaar, Souq is the Middle East’s largest e-commerce platform. Acquired by Amazon in 2017, Souq now has an interface that completely aligns with the brand’s platform.

Why Souq?

  • Staggering customer base to view and purchase your products
  • A recognizable and popular interface that is easy to use
  • Has a delivery arm and a payment platform
  • Can be integrated with your own webstore through a simple plugin


Headquartered in Dubai, Awok is popular for fashion apparel, lifestyle, electronics, and a number of other categories.

It has an uncomplicated registration and selling process that easily allows you to set up your online shop on the platform.

Why Awok?

  • The Awok Seller Program, which is a flagship program for sellers and gives market insights on supply chain management
  • Free seller registration and low commission on sales
  • A diverse platform for brand visibility


JollyChic is a Chinese mobile e-commerce app that has made quite a name in the Middle East’s online shopping sector.

With categories of fashion, beauty, electronics, and home and Living, JollyChic has a higher commission rate (15%)but makes up for it through value-added services.

Why JollyChic?

  • Hassle-free listing and support for operations, sales, promotions,translation, and warehousing
  • Big data integration for consumer insights
  • Local customer service team


The tagline of this famous, category-specific marketplace is – #1 mother, baby & child site in the Middle East.

With baby clothes, food, furniture, books, and a whole lot more products to offer, Mumzworld is precisely what it claims to be. It has a warm, homely vibe to it, which attracts mothers and mothers-to-be instantly.

Why Mumzworld?

  • Niche category-specific webstore, and hence, gains more eyeballs in the segment
  • Free registration
  • Fashionable look to boost seller’s brand


Like Mumzworld, Letstango is also a category-specific marketplace for electronics, smartphones, televisions, home appliances, and gadgets – although it has expanded to lifestyle.

Available all over the Middle East, except for Iraq, Letstango has partnered with several airlines to sell across the GCC.

Why Letstango?

  • A hot marketplace for all sellers of electronics and gadgets
  • Logistics partner for shipping and delivery
  • Fast payments – within two weeks of the sale


This marketplace offers an eclectic mix of categories, including home and garden, herbs and homeopathy, beauty and health, and supplements.

Though relatively newer compared to the other marketplace giants, it still holds its own, especially when it comes to young shoppers.

Why Easyshopping?

  • Free registration
  • Fewer categories, but popular in beauty and health
  • Suitable for young shoppers


Founded in 2017, Noon has quickly scaled up to give competition to the likes of Souq in the Middle East. It offers a wide range of categories and also has an exclusive section dedicated to The Dubai Mall.

Why Noon?

  • A large customer base for high-end, upscale products
  • High commission but free registration
  • Ideal for traders and established brands


Established in 2010, Cobone is one of the most seasoned online marketplaces in the Middle East. It works as a Groupon for the Middle East, offering vouchers and deals for a number of products and services.

Because of the offers that Cobone makes available, it is the perfect platform to advertise your product or service.

Why Cobone?

  • Well-established marketplace with a large customer base
  • Targeted marketing and selling
  • Free registration
  • Ideal for both products and services


With a wide range of products in various categories, is one of the leading online marketplaces with a strong presence in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

It is an all-round wholesaler with a special emphasis on selling electronics and appliances.

Why OurShopee?

  • Mid-range online marketplace in terms of experience and services
  • Free registration
  • Suitable for electronics and appliance

Online shopping has only begun to evolve in the Middle East, and hence, big branded names hold a lot more weight than small sellers and retailers.

To stand out in this shopping zone, you need to set up your presence in at least a few online marketplaces. To know which of these work for your brand and to gain market insights across all these touchpoints, write to us at Vinculum.

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