Retail and E-commerce – A significant boost to warehouse demand

May 23, 2022
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The e-commerce player and the retailers that strategically sell consumer durables, apparel, groceries, and other relatable products are on the verge of raising their warehouse space to 10-15% every year; with the hike in demand for such services, the e-commerce industries or organization.

As per the MD of Stellar Value Chain Solutions, a logistic company, Anshuman Singh, mentions that need can hike the need for warehouse space to 20% by June. He says there are numerous increases in consumer demand in different categories, which acts as a driving force to acquire more warehouse space to keep the stock precisely. Vijay sales, one of the electronic retail chains, and Reliance Retail, which is one of the country’s largest retailers, are flourishing in the market in terms of warehouse space is a kick to the e-commerce business model to grow further.

Kumar Rajagopalan, the CEO of the Industry body Retailers Association of India (RAI), mentions that the pandemic has screwed up most of the retailers where few have driven out of it and spreading the stores with the help of Omnichannel platform to improve the warehouse space.

In a study by RAI, retail sales have been raised to 28% within a year and by 12% before the arrival of the pandemic in March 2019. Nilesh Gupta, the director of Vijay Sales, mentions that the industries are snapping the warehouse space as the sales of certain products like refrigerators and air-conditioners are hiked by 10-12%.

Reliance Retail comes out in the market in expansion mode from the last three quarters, along with the addition of 73 supply chains by the end of December. Gaurav Jain, the head of Strategy and business development at Reliance, mentions that along with the store expansion, they are investing in excellent warehouse development, too, to fulfill the center’s capabilities. Currently, NSE -1.07% in the retail market, as mentioned by the analysts.

Logistic companies in operations like Mumbai, Delhi-National Capital Region, Chennai, and Bengaluru are rising space for warehouse management and enhancing the workforce and transportation at one go to handle the work efficiently.

Chief commercial officer of logistics firm Gati Ltd Huafreed Nasarwanji comes out with the words that the working or functioning of the retailer is transforming with the presence of quick delivery services at times of fulfilling the purpose of the e-commerce business model is the simple and sophisticated way.

With the increasing demand, the inventories are placed close to the market instead of piling up in one place. The replenishment cycles have grown faster to gain the momentum to expand the lists close to the market significantly.

Some of the e-commerce organizations like Zepto, Amazon, Blinkit, Tata-owned BigBasket, Walmart, Reliance Retail, and many more are grabbing the market expansion quickly in less time at times of delivery the stuff. The delivery time has been minimized from a few days to a few hours to significantly fetch the customer’s attention.

 How to enhance the retail warehouse demand

Let’s learn each of them one by one to understand it briefly, and it helps in enhancing the e-commerce business model in a significant way.

  • Sales enhancement

The catalogs are framed to fetch a large audience towards raising the sales for the growth of the business in a holistic manner. The huge crowd is allowed to look into the brand products through any corner of the world to improve the sales in the market is a great way. The promotion, advertisement, or campaign of the brand products are compulsory to gain the momentum of the retail shop to explore the market and satisfy the consumer’s greed.

  • Customer Engagement

The e-commerce business model runs effectively to engage the customer prominently. Even the customer monitors every step of the service delivery at the doorstep. E-commerce business people keep the idea of the customer choices and segregate them accordingly to enhance their shopping pattern to hike the sales in the market. Customer segmentation is a must to fetch the selected crowd towards the brand for the expansion and growth of the brand product in a sophisticated way. These will help the consumer add more stuff to their collection and live a happy life without many hurdles.

  • Customized shopping pattern

The e-commerce business model deals with the customer-centric management of the choices and serves the purpose of gaining the momentum of the brand products in a significant way. The service provided is user-friendly and helps the end-user manage the brand growth in a vivid way to share the customer experience simply and soberly.

Customized shopping is the customer’s choice to make them feel happy and satisfied as per the customer’s wish. The brand products are customized and delivered at their doorstep in real-time. Using the right tools helps the management of the e-commerce business model is a great way to provide the service in real-time and at the correct address.

  • Brand operation and its visibility

Brand visibility requires time to fetch many eyes towards the brand products and make its operation durable in the market. The operation comes out in eliminating the human error and human effort to make the process easy to accessible and suitable to go with the time and win the customer loyalty and trust to enhance the sales in the market.

To perform the workflow within the stipulated time, the Omni-channel platform is a great way to operate both the backend and frontend operations without much delay.

The retail market is going crazy among the crowd to chase more and more shoppers and mesmerize the customer by adding collections to their wardrobe or fancy items in their bags to look presentable and attractive. The e-commerce business model is customer-oriented and focuses more on the end-user needs and wants.

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