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July 24, 2022

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Thailand is the growing marketplace in 2022 despite being a holiday spot or flourishing with beaches. The Southeast Asian peninsula is rising as one of the second-largest economies of the time, where the countries rely more on exports.

Thailand gets most of its revenue from tourism and export of the products. These sectors help in gaining six per cent of its annual income. The country relies more on exporting electronics items, processed food, and automobile-related commodities. Thailand is growing as one of the e-commerce sectors to attract as many customers to enhance the sales funnel significantly in the marketplace.

Despite other counties, Thailand is heading close to digital purchasing to boom the economy and generate huge revenue to compete in the market at the utmost level.

A survey in 2019 mentions that online sales in Thailand rose to $4,960 million in revenue and will grow to $1,500 million in the coming four years. And the e-commerce boost in Thailand will be close to 52.1% by 2022.

According to the research, around 82% of the 70 million population surf the internet magnificently. In this article, we will discuss the top e-commerce sites in Thailand and their uses in a broader way.

Lazada Thailand

Lazada has a good grip all around Southeast Asia. Such Rocket Internet

Alibaba Group, which refers to Chinese e-commerce sites, was accessed in 2016.

This is an online store that comes out with an idea to provide a chance to retailers to display their products on the site smoothly.

Shopee Thailand

Shopee is the first mobile store in Southeast Asia. Such e-commerce sites come out with many products, from baby items to electronic products.

Shopee gets 30 million visits to the site every month and is flourishing in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam markets.


JIB, an e-commerce website, deals mainly with technology-related stuff in Thailand. Such e-commerce sites act as a frontrunner in countries like Thailand, attracting the crowd fascinatingly.

The site keeps updating itself with the latest development in the gadgets and getting it into the frame quickly.


Chillingo helps in binding a lot of products that they want to purchase. With the auctioning process, one can bid on any objects from electronics, fashion, sports, beauty, and health.

Such e-commerce websites are quite famous for getting their benefits at a fair price with great satisfaction when purchasing. Chillingo has traffic of around 1.75 million on its site to get the customer’s attention.


Such e-commerce sites cover the tech-based brands in Thailand’s marketplace vividly. Advice is one of the leading wholesale markets in Laos and Thailand regarding IT-related goods and Smartphones.

The internet has boomed the market significantly and allowed Advice to capture the e-commerce growth vibrantly. Advice e-commerce websites get 1.6 million per month without any second thought.

Power Buy

Power Buy is one of the finest online retailers in IT gadgets, appliances, and mobile phones. This brings a revolution in Thailand’s e-commerce marketplace, with traffic of around 1.5 million per month.


Central e-commerce website deals with wellness and vanity in most Southeast Asia to expand the business model to its zenith.

Central initially dealt with brick-and-mortar departments and later stepped into fashion, home decoration and beauty products.

JD Central

JD central is an e-commerce website in collaboration with Thai-Chinese that deals with electronics, family, fashion and health products. The association was done to change the mindset of the people and bring JD Central to life.


Se-ed acts as an online book store to serve the purpose of book sales in digital form. Such a website has grabbed the mindset of the Thailand people and flourished the e-commerce market in terms of sales of books, novels and magazines of different categories.


HomePro was established in 1995 and became very competitive in the market in terms of furniture. It deals with all the primary home needs, furniture, and equipment to fulfil the requirement of the people.

The retail furniture market has been growing more prominent in the last five years, from $26.7 billion in 2015 to $258 billion by 2018

Such websites get traffic visits on an average of 1.2 million per month.

The top 10 trending e-commerce sites in Thailand are growing numerous, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the large audience in one go. They manage the e-commerce site as per the need of the crowd and keep the product updated in the area to be purchased quickly. The lack of time is filled with the stock and satisfies the customer with their needs and demands. The e-commerce site keeps all the data and personal information safe and secure to eliminate data theft and keep a close eye on the payment mode to stop the fraud.


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