How to Sell Online in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Overseas

January 7, 2022
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The Middle East is at its peak to grab the new opportunities to flourish the market with people choices. The sales of the products and other stuff becomes easy when e-commerce comes into play. The time has turned its way and attracted new ways to sell the items Direct-to-Consumer with the help of the digital platform.

In the past years, the Middle-East counties like UAE and Saudi Arabia have generated less revenue than expected. In the yesteryears, around 90% of the online sales in the Middle East were done from an outside source. But these days, with the expansion of the tech world and people being more of a digital freak are involved in online shopping at a leisurely pace. E-commerce these days are the new era of shopping and marketing goods and products. The current generation is more into smartphones and online shopping as per their convenience and comfort zone.

Beforehand, only websites were available to access and satisfy customers’ needs. But these days, with the advancement of software and other tools, mobile applications are in the craze to mesmerize the customer simply by scrolling the app directly.

With the growing usage of mobile phones among the youth, the e-commerce platform has made its way enthusiastically. The internet penetration is so fast that it captures the mind of people and changes their shopping habits precisely. The audience has been so addicted to the internet and direct-to-consumer way of shopping that they bother to get things in their terms and condition without many hurdles. Every brand today is dealing in e-commerce direct-to-consumer platforms, simply eliminating the intermediary parties to look into the advertisement and other kinds of stuff.

The Direct-to-Consumer is one of the most acceptable ways for customer-centric satisfaction and to serve their purpose proficiently.

E-commerce troubleshoots queries

  • Delivery process

To get the stuff at your door, you need to have a proper address along with the postal code, which few states lack in. Even the courier or mail service is not available in the appropriate order at such places. The names of the street are unnamed or have informal names. These are pretty challenging issues to deal with for e-commerce services. Such services require proper mapping to deliver the goods to the doorstep.

The young minds are stepping in to have an e-commerce start-up in Saudi Arabia and UAE to start the sale online and go global gradually.

  • Transaction Process

The payment method varies from country to country. Like In the UAE, credit cards are a more-in service that makes the e-commerce platform easy to serve the transaction purpose. Whereas in some countries like Saudi Arabia, credit cards are not a trend for payment purposes. In that way, cash comes into play. The e-commerce companies make their practice open to another transaction process for accessible applications.

These days e-commerce infrastructure has been the hub for shopping with its latest version to fulfill people’s needs. Each time this sector comes with an innovative idea to attract the customer.

  • Miscalculation of data

One of the unique issues that most e-commerce have to look into is data privacy. The customer keeps their credit card information, address, and other details to place the order. Sometimes the sites get hacked, and the customer data are leaked or misused. To get rid of such issues, the company reduces debit or credit cards for customer safety.

  • Warehouse management 

E-commerce in Saudi Arabia and UAE faces warehouse management issues. The storing of the product close to the order used to be an ideal issue. The product’s shipping on time becomes a great reason to look into. Warehouse management has become one of the most acceptable ways to monitor to satisfy customer needs. The software must manage the warehouse and the developer to look into its product delivery.

  • Social Media Advertisement

Social Media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and other relatable source helps in the advertainment of the staff. That’s the enormous task to go for the campaigning of the product. Campaigning has never been so easy to grab customer attention. Sometimes the e-commerce platform hires the salesmen to advertise the product or the online marketing of the stuff at an easy go.

The internet penetration has reached each corner of the state and district vividly. Social media has touched the consumer’s heart and is a great way to get the stuff in their collection at the right time and in the right way.

Social Media plays a vital role in the flourishing of e-commerce brands. Saudi Arabia, in recent years, has been the most significant involvement of social media acceptance. These days the Middle East acts as an Instagram Influencers to promote the products and broadly maintain the band’s status.

  • Cash Economy

Many populations use cash these days to complete the transition, overstressing the e-commerce sector. Cash on delivery is an option to tackle the customer service after the delivery of the products has been done. Saudi Arabia and UAE have focused more on cash on delivery facilities to flourish the brand more in the market.

The e-commerce platform has changed the shopping pattern in a broad way. The direct-to-consumer has eliminated the middlemen interfaces to run the e-commerce strategies for the long run. The e-commerce platform has won the trust and loyalty of the customer to gain the potential of the market simply and effectively. Saudi Arabia and UAE have turned the shopping pattern and have gone global to touch the eye of the targeted audience. The call is to go global and another source to grab the market to catch the customer mindset.

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