How to sell on Amazon UAE

March 8, 2022
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How to sell on Amazon UAE

The e-commerce platform is in zenith to make millions of customers under its umbrella. The customers have gained momentum and loyalty to be a part of such online sources. Amazon is trying to expand its platform to every country gradually but definitely, in full fledge to enhance its sales channel.

These days Amazon is making its way to UAE to flourish the market entirely. UAE gets the export from India at its utmost level to establish the market more broadly as the report of Amazon Global Exports Digest mentions that India’s exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE are worth $34 billion. India these days is exporting in a big way to catch the attention of the Middle East.

Selling in the online platform, both domestic or international, is quite trending and enthusiastic about catching the eyes of the customer from a long-term perspective. Selling in such a digital platform is straightforward to access the stuff in just one go.

Amazon has made the working process simple with the help of assistance and support to provide customer-centric services to make the vast audience happy. Just because of the best service provided by the source and the tech team, the products or stuff are easily exported to UAE and other countries from India.

As a seller, you can register here globally with the help of 4 steps. Let’s understand the importance of making a market in UAE and its popularity. Before registering the process, you must know the primary significance of Amazon in the UAE market and its productivity and efficiency.

Let’s understand one by one and explore the entire scenario vividly.

The importance of Amazon UAE in the market:

  • To understand the marketplace’s popularity, around 28 million consumers are a part of it and visit the platform regularly.
  • Amazon UAE is the best shopping center worldwide to increase sales.
  • Dubai is the shopping and trading hub worldwide to handle the process of purchasing vividly.

There are two ways to register yourself as an Amazon seller account. The first one is a professional account, and the other is an individual account. The sellers registered under this are good at getting solutions and logistics with the help of Amazon UAE.

The professional account is chargeable, whereas the individual performance of the Amazon seller is non-chargeable. It is preferred to have a personal account. Later on, with the increase in the brand value, the seller can quickly shift to a professional Amazon seller account and process further.

As per the seller’s choice, joining Amazon has grown and expanded to the utmost level. About lakhs of customers are purchasing from our store all around the world. Amazon is one of the best-selling platforms for the current generation to make a profit out of it.

The e-commerce platform eliminates the intermediaries’ involvement and deals with the customer directly. The consumers connect with the manufacturer directly and purchase as per their choice.

Stuff that exports from India to Dubai

Near about 25 categories are exported from India to Dubai are mentioned below:

  • Coffee, tea, and spices
  • Handmade products
  • Apparel and textiles
  • Fashion and fine jewelry
  • Electronic items

The process to sell on Amazon UAE

1. Register the account

The export process is straightforward from India to Dubai. The first step you have to do is register the account as Amazon Global selling. To export the products, you have to Import-Export Code (IEC) and process the KYC documents to verify with the bank account and other stuff.

Product listing

Once the registration is completed, you can quickly sell on such a platform and list the number of stuff you put into dealing. You can insert attractive pictures and short descriptions to make it clear to the domestic and international customers about the products. Even the third party can also help provide the customers’ service.

2. Delivery and shipping of the stuff

Either the seller can deliver the stuff by themselves or choose Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) to get the stuff delivered and reach the correct location or address without any hurdle. In the case of FBA, the delivery returns and shipping is done by Amazon for customer satisfaction and concern.

3. Transaction of the amount

After the customer shopping is completed, the money is credited to a bank account through Amazon. In the case of cash on delivery, the same process is applied that Amazon will pay back to the seller. Interestingly, Indian sellers can easily export the stuff to UAE through Amazon UAE.

4. Transparency of the process

The Amazon seller account maintains transparency with the buyer and the seller based on the stuff they are purchasing, maintains the personal data’s privacy, and keeps it secured. Even the consumer can keep track of the delivery and shipping of the products in real-time.

The e-commerce platform makes the work easy for the seller to establish their business hugely and provide as much as benefits to the large audience and themselves through the digital platform. To write the company’s name, one has to put any unique name or full name so that it can be easily verified with the help of a Government ID, and KYC can be done quickly. The registered account should be the authorized one and should not be with the initial or surnames.

The consumer can keep track of things in a great way to keep updated about their property. The Amazon seller account is very productive and works systematically to catch the eye of the audience in large and get the system updated at regular intervals without much delay. The process is done in real-time, and the stuff is delivered to the doorstep without any hesitation.

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