How to Sell on Amazon as an Individual Seller – Step-by-Step Guide

March 31, 2022

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E-commerce platforms with their latest software have grown to the zenith. Every retailer wants to be a part of such an e-commerce source to establish a great bond with both the buyer and the seller appropriately.

The question is whether an individual can sell online through such platforms. If yes, what is the process to manage such a process, or what is the protocol to handle such selling digitally? The answer to such a question is straightforward and quick. Yes, an individual can quickly sell online through Amazon or other websites following specific processes.

The interesting fact is that Amazon is not meant only for big brands. Even the brand with the least attention or advertisement can grab a place in Amazon to sell online without any difficulties. Even an individual can join hands with such platforms to benefit from it within a fraction of a second of paperwork or through the protocol or policies.

This article will get to know how an individual can sell online by following specific processes to make the work easy to go.

Let’s explore the processes briefly and try to have an individual account in a fast go.

Individual seller account in Amazon

Creating an individual seller account is an easy process. Before making a personal seller account, you must know what offer or benefits you will get following such a process. When you feel like making a new seller account, you will get two options to create a professional or individual performance.

Creating an Individual seller account

It is pretty interesting to know that creating an individual account is free of cost. The only thing that you have to pay is $0.99 as a commission for each sale through your Amazon account. There is another referral or closing fee to look into the Amazon sales account.

The only things that the Individual sellers cannot get access to are mentioned below:

  • Getting inventory reports in-depth
  • Running of the promotions
  • Shipping rates
  • Addition of multiple users through the same account
  • Create the list in a bulk way
  • Creating of new product details
  • Using Amazon advertising services
  • Selling of restricted products or categories

Creating a Professional seller account

When you create a professional account, you have to pay $39.99 per month with some closing or referral fees at each sale. Professional seller accounts follow some advertising features; they have the facility to run the promotions, get the inventory reports, and get the benefits of another host.

Amazon charges its referral fee for each sale, whether a professional account or an individual one. The referral fees vary from product to product and are based on the final transactions.

How to log in as Amazon Individual seller

When you sign in as an Amazon Individual seller, the entire process becomes cost-effective. If you sell less than 40 products a month, it is worth using such an account, and you don’t have to pay more for sales perspective. As soon as you start selling 40 products regularly, you can quickly shift to a professional plan as an Amazon seller.

What is done by many sellers is that they start as creating an individual account later shift to a professional report. Once they grab the attention of the enormous crowd, they get the opportunities to sell more and switch to professional accounts as per the requirements.

It is essential to note that the seller can switch from professional to an individual account or vice-versa as per their need and choices to make profits. The process goes straightforward to handle the budget effectively and efficiently. The monthly charges or fees of a professional account are non-refundable if you make a switch in the report to an Individual.

Create an Individual Amazon seller account

Creating or registering on Amazon as a seller is quite a straightforward method. It hardly takes an hour to register as a seller on this platform and streamline the benefits as required to manage the system. Let’s understand this in brief:

Mention your name or business name along with the address:

The legal name you mention will not be disclosed, whereas your business name will be made public and visible to customers at times of purchase.

  • Government ID: 

Any ID cards issued by the government are proof to manage the account professionally.

  • Contact details

To set up the business account on Amazon, use a separate email ID to handle the process quickly. This email id will help the account holder provide sufficient information to the customer to get in touch with the seller soon. Your account on Amazon will be cross-verified at times of registration and continue the process.

  • Shipping from:

Mention the address correctly that will help you get the stuff in real-time. If you are not providing a business address, you have to mention the alternate one to get the products at doorsteps.

  • Bank Account details:

Your bank account details are of prior need to get your amount after every 14 days from Amazon.

  • Tax Identity:

As an account holder, you have to submit the detailed information of your tax and verify it at once go. In the U.S, in terms of tax, you can provide a Social Security number or company tax ID number for easy processing of the work. Amazon has nothing to do with your tax as they will not pay it. You have to make your job secure by paying the tax regularly.

The important note is that you can take a break from the registration process whenever you need and join it back from where you left. Having all such information is quite valid for operating your Amazon Individual seller accounts.

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