Can Social Commerce Can Enable Ecommerce Growth in Bharat?

May 4, 2022

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E-commerce these days is reforming to enhance the growth of the business in terms of social commerce strategies. With the advent of digital technology, online purchasing has evolved in a huge way to attract a considerable crowd wisely. Digital purchasing has been so easy to access that people can scroll even through smartphones.

As per a report, around 66% of the purchasing is done online to enhance e-commerce sales from tier-2 cities, rural areas, and small towns. These small places are exploring the use of the internet in an advanced way to leap the market’s potential diversely.

The digital world is growing in a significant way these days, but it will take time to gain consumer trust for the long-term growth of the e-commerce business model. Being a consumer of Bharat, they provide a platform to shop online with the help of start-ups or social commerce like GlowRoad to generate a vast network and get new buyers the time.

In tier-2 places, the shopper has touched approximately 157 Mn social commerce platforms, and the sales in the market are likely to be around $70 Bn by 2030. Flipkart came out to work with shops, a social commerce site app that had 1 lakh Flipkart resellers in 2021. E-commerce is rising high to working with social commerce is an excellent way for long-term growth. This helps the reseller to be discovered by the e-commerce platform, which will provide great help to the social commerce platform.

Social commerce enables e-commerce to excel in the business in an adynamic way. The only way e-commerce can be a leader in the success story is to look into social commerce in an encouraging or strengthening way.

GlowRoad has made its way to Tier-2 cities profoundly since 2017 and covers around 84% of its user base. It prospers to have Seven lakhs and SKUs from 28000+supplier or manufacturers to bloom the network by 2 Mn resellers.

Social commerce plays a vital role in the growth of the e-commerce platform in a magnificent way.

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The biggest hurdle to lining up with an e-commerce platform in Tier-2 cities 

The biggest hurdle to serving the e-commerce platform is attracting consumers and converting them into trustworthy buyers on repeated notes. This would help the e-commerce service stay a step ahead in the marketplace while maintaining loyalty on excellent terms.

As the experience says, reselling is the best way for online or digital managing of the business in tier-2 cities. It supports the small-scale industries to generate profit from it to the influencers or resellers. Some of the e-commerce platforms like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon, a social e-commerce model that come out with colossal capacity or potential to run the business, are a great way to flourish the stuff in the Tier-2 market in a broader way.

What makes GlowRoad stream live on the social commerce platform

Live to stream is the latest strategy in the social commerce platform. Such ideas are prevalent in China and spreading worldwide significantly. It is assumed that a considerable crowd from India invests time scrolling through such videos on their laptops or mobile phones. Keeping such plans in mind, many resellers come out to sell their stuff on various social media platforms like Facebook; YouTube lives, Instagram, and many more. A live streaming characteristic called GRTV is also available on the GlowRoad platform.

What makes the API integration work? How does it help e-commerce platforms?

When a buyer receives a video of any product, it pops up on the screen. When the shopper clicks on it, the stuff gets visible on the screen so that the buyer can have it after leaving the website or the app. API helps integrate the products to get automatically populated from GlowRoad and make it precious for the customer.

The profit margin is visible in the Platform through GlowRoad’s API. When the shopper puts the payment details, they will make the payment through GlowRoad to get the order to your doorstep. Such a process helps win the reseller’s profit margin through GlowRoad.

What’s more about GlowRoad’s reseller connection or network

It is more about to inform that around 60% of the social commerce are women. GlowRoad focuses on empowering women to work at the grassroots level to get new women buyers or sellers in the community. The potential reseller gets its notification to get the stuff delivered to the doorstep in real-time. The processes are explained through videos or calls to get the training in briefly.

The aim is to assure that they will transfer the money to the reseller’s bank account. They get assistance in every step in the few transactions. The reseller can get the transaction closed within 10-15 months in the third month.

How e-commerce platform gets the advantages through GlowRoad model

It is informed that 20% of the social commerce supplier comes to the e-commerce platform in sales. Shoppers in such a platform choose brand products for sale with good reviews and ratings. Suppliers in such media get flexibility in the pricing and free delivery charges for the business’s long-term success.

It is widely suggested that e-commerce platforms can co-ordinate with GlowRoad to get the small-scale businesses under its umbrella and the stuff reaches to larger Bharat crowd.

The e-commerce platform works in total efficiency and effectively to run the business in a full-fledged manner to attract as many customers as possible to serve the purpose magnificently. The e-commerce platform works precisely and collaborates with other sources to serve the purpose gently and soothingly to attract the vast crowd magnificently. Such an e-commerce platform eliminates the intermediaries and helps direct contact between the customer and the manufacturer to get the desired products at their doorstep.

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