Warehouse Management Systems for e-commerce stores

December 6, 2021
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Warehouse Management Systems for e-commerce stores

E-commerce has changed the shopping pattern from offline to go online in a great way. The shift is gradual with the advancement of technology. The proper setup of the warehouse management systems makes the e-commerce platform functions easily.

Warehouse Management and its optimization in the e-commerce platform

A Warehouse Management System is abbreviated as WMS is software that looks into the operation of the warehouse and controls all the other operations in a great way. The WMS takes care of the inventory available in the warehouse, picking up the products as well as the packing of the items, shipping, and delivery of the products in an effective way.

Optimization of the Warehouse Management System in e-commerce platform

Warehouse management systems establish a strong platform for the automatic use of the same and minimize the labour work to process the warehouse functions. Warehouse management functions include the cost of management, inventory counting, avoiding double-count of the picked and returned products, and other relatable work of the WMS.

let’s explore the advantages of warehouse management systems:

  1. Inventory counts
    WMS keeps track of the inventory available in the store and gives the real-time count of the same. The WMS avoids the double count of the ivory and miscalculation of the products picked and packed for customer satisfaction. Orders are delivered at fast speed with utmost accuracy to fulfill the needs of the audience with minimum error.
  2. Warehouse and its productivity was helps in time management as it reduces the manual work in double counting the inventory and helps the flourishing of cash in the market. The products are packed and delivered in n effective way to manage the growth of the business is a great way.
  3. Logistical growth with the help of WMSThe WMS setup helps in the fast delivery of the products without any hindrance. The e-commerce platform along with the WMS helps in the expansion of the business in a simple and sophisticated way.
  4. Effectiveness of the order placed The software used for the process of warehouse keeps updated on the stock details available in the warehouse. The WMS gets connected with the e-commerce platform for easy access to such a business model. In case the products are listed wrongly as being in stock will be automatically updated once the order is placed by the customers.
  5. Cut off the cost
    The WMS is the best way to reduce the excessive cost of manual work and avoid the double count of the inventory.

WMS and its accessibility

The WMS packs the product in a great way and is picked by the picker to deliver at the appropriate time in case you want to extend the delivery date you can choose the same and process further.

As a user, you can track the order whenever required and keep eye on the same to witness the expansion of the e-commerce business model. The WMS helps in counting the number of items it has, enhancing the sales, and maintaining the transparency of the entire process to get rid of errors or fraud.

  1. Tracking of the inventory 
    Tracking of the stock is the first and foremost thing that as a businessman you should consider and know the SKUs of the warehouse. The accurate location of the stock is also mentioned for easy understanding and delivery of the products from the warehouse in an easy way.
  2. Packing of the product
    The warehouse has two broad functions packing and picking the product from the right location to reach the customer’s order.

How the WMS works?

The order items are picked and are given to the packer for safe packing using good materials to prevent the things from being damaged or leaked. Later this processing the shipping address is placed in the delivery box to reach the right customer and their location.

  1. Stowing and receiving 
    The warehouse gets all the products through a parcel and stows these parcels at the right storage place. The warehouse scans all the received products following the right process.
  2. Shipping process

    The shipping process includes certain options like centres and UPS to get the orders deliver to the right location without any obstacles.

    Once the order is out for delivery it will mention the tracking number and its details to the e-commerce platform automatically. Such a process makes it easy for the customer to keep track of their order.

Warehouse Management and its next level processing

It is quite clear that warehouse management is tough to handle at once go and is complicated in terms of monitoring all the processes through software and the latest version of the technology.

Regional optimizing of WMS

To attract the market the regional area should be in connection to serve the purpose. The network is mandatory in the field of WMS otherwise targeting only one location will be of no use. A huge network will help in the expansion of the business in a holistic manner.

The e-commerce business chose to establish itself worldwide and deliver the product within 2-day. Such delivery service is to maintain the standard expectation of the customers and make them relived each time of their shopping.

3PL’s technology is the best way to manage the inventory, cost of the management, packing, and shipping of the product and fabulously flourishing the market.

The warehouse management system has enhanced the market and customers’ choices in a great way. The service provided by the WMS is so eye-catching that people have started to rely more on online shopping over offline purchasing to fulfil their needs. The digital platform has touched the mind of the customer to get their desired brand products just a click away. The products are delivered to the doorstep free of cost with a return policy too.

The return policy is so adequate that within a week you can return or exchange the products in case of any damage and get the right products of your choice. All such services are possible because of the warehouse management system.

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