Top Tips to Boost Your Social Media and Social Commerce Strategy

April 8, 2022

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The brand products are boosted highly with the help of social media marketing and strategies to attract a large audience to purchase the same without any second thought. As per the survey:

  • Near about 85% of the shoppers feel the social media platform is the best way to purchase the brand products
  • Approximately 82% of the shoppers share their online experience on social media through stories and posts
  • Around 44% of the shoppers claim to have 3-4 best online purchases every month with the best of social media advertisements or campaign

These days brand products are keen on social media campaigns to enhance the sales channel and improve their strategies to attract more customers. As per email and Stackla(2) reports, around 75% of the retail business is precisely aligned with the social media platform and investments.

This article will examine the best social media platform and its engagement to run the brand products in broader terms.

Objectives and KPIs

The brand products must know their objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for social commerce and social media precisely and clearly. Primarily,

Spreading awareness: Social media like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram pages, or Facebook are used to spread the brand products holistically to make the customer aware and attract them vividly.

Enhance the follower and engage counts: The seller must provide the correct information to the customer queries and guide them clearly to manage the posts and brand products to raise the follower counts and customer engagement in a diverse manner.

Market Research: One must survey the market and go for polls to gather the social media to understand the customer-oriented services dynamically.

Raise the sales: Sales get enhanced with time and improve the frequency, growth rate, subscriber, and website visits to enhance the sales, respectively.

Social Media Influencers

Social media is the best way to influence the customers in a great way to grab the customer’s attention diversely. The social proof works authentically to make the social media influence more significant to attract consumers dynamically. Social media builds the credibility and worth of the platform sustainably. The Influencer helps develop the best relationships between the buyer and seller and the social media platform to manage social media drastically.

Social media helps enhance the sales channel from a broader perspective to attract the audience hugely. The traffic of the website increases with time to maintain the worth and loyalty of the audience in a significant way.

User-Oriented Content 

Brand helps in balancing the strength between the user-Oriented Content and the Influencer. Social media helps engage the networks in a great way to enhance the sales and campaign on the broader track. The Content or ads should be based on user needs and requirements such that the specific brand products get attention in a great way to make the campaign and sales process easy and worthy.

Automated Technology and its implementation

The Automatic software to run the social media shops like Shoppable feeds by Instagram or Facebook Shop and chatbots for the instant queries. To run the automated technology, you must know every channel’s dynamics vividly to catch millions of million eyes in it. Around 49% of the shoppers assure that most shopping is done through a platform that enhances sales. With the help of a Multichannel management system, the visibility improves in social media and gives a hike in the sales funnel.

Exploring the Social Media Channel

The buyers these days are more active in spending on the stuff to keep their wardrobe well maintained and attractive with the collections. The only thing that customers do these days is choosing the right products from the proper channels. Based on the products, you have to promote the stuff on the respective pages or media to get in touch with more and more customers.

For Instance, Instagram is of great help, like tagging your friends, commenting on the post, enhancing the sales, exchanging DMs to get the best sales options more broadly.

You need to post the right stuff on the right page to get the customer’s attention for such sales. Even the shoppers benefit from the personalized brand stuff as per their choice to gift their dear one or get it for themselves as per the desire to update their collections. Through the mind of the customers, you can easily understand the market strategies and how to influence the audience through advertising or campaign work. Even the feedback comments or organic comments are acceptable to choose the brand products.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has grown more as a communication platform and later as a tech one to start shopping and transactions in one go. Facebook has been so popular among the crowd that even its shopping strategies make people more kin towards it. The pandemic has shifted the offline mode to online mode and transformed the shopping pattern drastically to entertain the customer choices.

Through Facebook Shop, one can undergo such activities:

  • Manage orders
  • Insight of the Action
  • Direct sell through the page
  • Update the latest products information
  • Facebook ad campaign to promote the stuff
  • Customize the brand products
  • Even live streaming makes the connection better among the shoppers personally. The Influencer can tag brand products and host the sponsors in product search
  1. Instagram 

Instagram is all about looking for new Content and its shopping pattern. Instagram focuses more on shopping to inspire the crowd in broader terms. As a user, you can tag any of your friends or post on your page to influence others to purchase the same.

  1. Pinterest 

Approximately 83% of Pinterest users purchase the stuff available on the brand board. Pinterest users create the best content to upload on the page to attract customers enthusiastically.

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