Omnichannel Marketing Strategies that Work for eCommerce Businesses

September 30, 2021

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Are you an eCommerce business owner looking to try omnichannel marketing; but know nothing about it?

This post is just what you need!

To start with:

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

According to HubSpot, omnichannel marketing is mere “the ability to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels, while factoring in the different devices that consumers are using to interact with your business.”

To explain omnichannel experiences better, according to a study, 40% of product searches begin on Amazon. Probable reasons being:

  • Variety products are always in stock
  • Free shipping (for Prime Members)
  • 2-day deliveries
  • Convenience guaranteed

The beauty of omnichannel marketing is that it isn’t a tactic. It’s all about being anywhere you go! Whether you switch your device or channel, the brand hops along with you.

Why Go Omnichannel?

Did you know that customers exposed to 3 or more channels have a 250% chance of buying from that brand?

The above data is precisely why your business needs to Go Omnichannel!

Learn more about How these Omnichannel Marketing strategies will help your business:

  • Go Live on Social Media with Shoppable Posts

With brands like Instagram, advertising on social media has become a cakewalk. Consumers discover products and shop right from the platform with a simple ‘link in bio’ option and ‘Shop’ tab on each Instagram business’ posts and page!

Facebook has paid ads that ensure shoppers are just a click away from a purchase they can make!

The takeaway for you: When your business goes digital, go public on social media and start building awareness without thinking twice

  • Invest in Tools that Help Deliver Best Omnichannel Experiences

Managing omnichannel campaigns can be pretty fun with streamlined data and campaign insights. Sellbrite, for example, helps ease monitoring and management of eCommerce websites. With an exceptional tool, import and synchronize your inventory, connect multiple marketing channels, ship your products and discover how well your marketing strategy works!

The takeaway for you: Each omnichannel campaign can be tricky if the data is handled manually. Ensure you go for the best tools!

  • Your invoice can become a Good Marketing Tool.

There are competitors wherever your business goes. However, your invoice is just yours for the customer. Your business will send an invoice, and your customer will receive it.

Customers check invoices mainly to check for price discrepancies; however, they will be surprised to see perks you can offer! Use most of your channels to get the attention of your customers and retain it. The invoice helps with the latter. It’s time to elevate and customize brand experiences in little yet effective ways like these.

The takeaway for you: Spark up your invoice already!

  • Be Sure to Roll Retargeting Campaigns

Nurturing leads is a proven way to build loyalty and elevate brands. Your loyal customers must feel like they’ve been taken care of, then then they’ll take care of you as well.

Retargeting campaigns can be implemented using email marketing, social media marketing, and related strategies. Send personalized, relevant, and exposing content to leads based on the marketing funnel and get them back to you!

The takeaway for you: Try email marketing and social media marketing to get in touch with your customers

  • Mobile Optimisation is Crucial

People are increasingly using smartphones, tablets, and so on. It is why you need to optimize your website for mobile. If your prospect audience needs to zoom in to read product details or take more than a few seconds to figure out the interface, you need help.

Create responsive designs, smart navigations to make your user’s life easier. Fantastic landing pages, intelligent forms, efficient CTA usage, and More are great ways to optimize your website for mobile.

The takeaway for you: Plan your website using tools like AdobeXD to explore endless possibilities for your virtual presence

  • Add a personal touch to your recommendations.

Track the behavior of new users and use the data to engage with them right after they leave you. Remind them that you think of them and that they matter!

Once you own data and can make sense of it, you can go ahead and cross-sell products to increase sales but recommending related or complementary products.

Another way to personalize content can be by adding “you might also need” items right before checkout, encouraging them to shop! Adding a certain amount and availing of free shipping is a full-proof way to exclusive sales as well.

The takeaway for you: Unique experiences are like fingerprints; use your data well

  • Manage & Monitor Results

With the help of KPIs and metrics, which ensure scientific strategies to evaluate data, make the best out of your omnichannel marketing campaigns! Gather data, make sense of it, and set your marketing goals based on reality.

A great way to begin is using the Google framework for marketers to gather, understand, manage, and monitor data.

The takeaway for you is that unique data will always help your marketing campaigns, and it’s something only you own. So, hold it to its perks!

Key Takeaways

One of the most efficient and exciting ways to boost eCommerce sales is by exploring omnichannel marketing. While multitasking can be pretty tricky, brands like Vinculum can walk you through your omnichannel optimization path today!

Want to grow your business?

Your staircase to
growth is here!

Quick tricks for growth:

  • Reconciliation of overcharges
  • Single inventory dashboard
  • Reduced order processing time
  • Standard and accurate data

Want to know how to do this? Don’t worry!



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