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September 29, 2017

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Master Data Management

Companies today struggle to become agile by implementing information systems that support and facilitate changing business requirements. As a result, the management of information about products, customers, etc. has become increasingly important.

Consider, for instance, the fact that most companies estimate that they are analyzing only 12% of their data. These firms could be missing out on the data-driven insights inside of 88% of data that they’re ignoring.*

This gives rise to an important question – Where do users go to get valid, accurate, consistent data?

The answer is – Master Data Management (MDM)

Vinculum Group will be exhibiting at the 2017 MDM & Data Governance Summit October 10-12 at the Hotel Marriott Marquis in New York City to help answer the critical questions on master data management.

Organized by the publishers of Information Management, it’s the world’s premier conference dedicated to these two topics and provides a mixture of leading industry analyst trend perspectives, a wide array of use cases, market-leading sessions and best practice panel discussions.

As all elements of business and commerce scenario become more and more digitized, every organization finds itself surrounded by immensely high amounts of data pertaining to the critical stakeholders of their ecosystem, be it customers, suppliers, products, etc. Being able to first manage this data and later master the same becomes imperative in order for businesses to succeed and gain an edge over the competition. Amidst all this, one needs to check that the ever sustaining pursuit of being ‘data-driven’ and understanding off of that data does not lead to the organization losing focus on the very reasons/business goals for which these initiatives began in the first place. For example, inaccurate and inconsistent data with respect to customers could hurt a business in multiple ways.

  • Inaccurate data on customer segments
  • Misaligned marketing campaigns leading to customer drop-outs from mailing lists
  • Redundancy in communications and reduced customer loyalty due to non-targeted messaging

Now, multiply this inaccuracy to the hundreds of more new customer information adding up in the central database from various systems, namely CRM, ERP, BI, Marketing Automation Platforms, eCommerce front-end and back-end systems, Point of Sale, etc. and imagine the chaos generated by the slightest chance of any data becoming inconsistent across any of these systems mentioned above, thus creating unreconciled data silos throughout your business.

Master data management helps you

  • Provide Seamless Information Across Multiple Channels – Accurate product data is critical to differentiate your business and provide customers with a dynamic and personalized shopping experience. PIM (Product Information Management) helps businesses manage product data from multiple sources. It creates a master catalog of validated, high-quality unique product data for efficient distribution to all sales channels, whether data is structured or unstructured.
  • Help Understand Your Customer Better –Customer Data Management helps organizations maintain a single view of all customer data. It synchronizes customer information across systems and the organization’s information supply chain.

Master Data Management

  • Get A Unified View Of Your Masters – MDM software helps create reliable views to drive operations efficiently with a complete view of all your data assets. It enables the creation of an integrated view of products, customers, suppliers, materials and other data sets. This data currently may reside in silos with different departments and units.
  • Increase Trust In Your Data – Businesses need to rely on high-quality data for quality decision-making. Poor quality data can have negative effects on customer relationships, business decision-making, and forecasting.
  • Connect Everything & Anything – With business information residing in multiple systems and in multiple formats, information users have to duplicate efforts by going through information from multiple systems and combining data together. MDM’s Data integration tool helps to combine data with multiple formats attributes from disparate data sources. It delivers a single unified view of all your data instead of data in silos.
  • Be Accountable For Your Data – Easily govern your organizational data for accuracy and accountability with MDG (Master Data Governance) solution. Data Governance brings business users in the implementation lifecycle and provides an effective mechanism to manage and author data.

  *Forrester Research

Vin MDM is helping some of the leading organizations (Johnson & Johnson, Ralali, Metro Gaisano, Park n Shop) across the globe to cleanse, de-duplicate and synchronize their enterprise information data all throughout their businesses.

Learn more from our expert panel at the show (Booth 217) or request a free consultation now – Click Here

Hope to see you there.

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