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May 12, 2017
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“Online grocery sales set to surge, grabbing 20 percent of the market by 2025” according to a report by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Nielsen.

Dinesh Malpani, CEO & Founder, UrDoorstep, was able to foresee such a big transformation which is going to happen in India & across the globe for Online food & grocery business. In his journey in the retail industry, Dinesh has seen food & grocery in almost all avatars across different geographies.

In this video, Dinesh talks about how he started his venture, tapped this large business opportunity – online grocery and is successfully running this business.

About UrDoorStep: is India’s first online hypermarket, redefining the retail industry by not just delivering the widest range of quality products at your doorstep, but also adding value to every step of the process, thereby taking online shopping to a whole new level.

Dinesh‘s exhaustive 25 years of experience and his in-depth knowledge in the multi-channel Retail & eCommerce Industry helped the company offer the best possible experience and value to their customers. His ability to analyze the market, understand the behavioral patterns and cater to the changing demands of the highly dynamic retail business, makes him a visionary and innovative entrepreneur who is all set to revolutionize online retail with

Dinesh says “In the food & grocery business, the backend, the warehouse, the procurement of inventory, order management, picking, packing & shipping are the lifelines of this business,”

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