Increasing Scale of Indian D2C Startups Through India’s Ecommerce Enablers

November 19, 2021
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The acceptance of the D2C business model in India is at its zenith, and the rise in the modern way of the business pattern is easy to provide service and attract customers. As per the Inc42 Plus survey, more than 800 Direct-to-Consumer brands in India are worth $100 Bn+.

D2C is one of the great and fast-moving e-commerce business models for the growth of the market. As per the India Tech Start-up Funding report 2020, $22 Mn is 5% of the D2C funding in the first quarter year. Unfortunately, the revenue went down to 28%, which is $10 Mn in the next funding phase.

D2C has made the market more popular and fascinating with its attractive and straightforward ways to deal with customers. To set the D2C platform, even software developers, marketing team, and testing department are involved in a full-fledged manner to enhance the market in a sophisticated way. The involvement of such departments brings a new phase of business Online.

These latest business models are easy to set up and bring fanatic and innovative ideas to attract customers more personalized. The next level’s marketing strategies flourished with prizes, discounts, and doorstep delivery of the product without any obstacle.

D2C brands are rising quickly to grab market attention with their simple and attractive loyalty programs.

With the help of a software developer, the D2C business model comes with the latest schemes and discount strategies to broadly rule the market and mindset of the people.

As businesses today are entering a new way of dealing with the customer’s desires, they face many challenges to set the company with numerous opportunities.

Empowering of eCommerce platform by D2C startup

D2C acts as a role model for startup companies to handle clients or customers delicately. They have a comprehensive understanding of the market and explore the customer’s experience to update their strategies and reward-giving opportunities.

The audience has the mindset to get things at a low rate or with discounts. Business strategies make these mindsets by giving them regular discounts or prize-winning options at their doorstep. The customers get addicted to such possibilities and scroll the particular brand to get benefit out of it.

Undoubtedly, the business models are always set to achieve great targets and provide new scope and opportunities to the consumers. D2C runs without the interference of intermediaries and makes customers free from any glitches.

The online platform has empowered the market and choices of the consumers. The enduring vision of engaging the customers is the original work of such a business model. The regular updates of such brand advertisements or campaigns in social media catch the viewer’s eye and try to search for the same brand products to get at their doorstep with free delivery.

D2C has empowered the market and choices of the user in an easy to go way. They get all the user’s data in one go and utilize it to get the quality of the products and try to maintain the quantity of the stock significantly.

D2C is the best resort to establish the business and give hands to other business people to work along with it or work for it to get all the model’s advantages.

The Dialogue: to empower the e-commerce startup

The CEO, director, or CTO of the companies like Bizongo, Shoptimize, Simpl, and Trifecta Capital discuss the empowerment of the eCommerce startup and focus on such queries.

The concern of the discussion is focused on:

  • How has the market way of dealing with the customer has changed as compared to last year?
  • D2C is widespread globally, and the software developer and other tech expertise are engaged in a fascinating way for the upliftment of the business. How will startups benefit from it, and how do the investors look at the growing market and its value?
  • How smartly do the tech experts use modern learning like AI, ML, and secure data to empower the D2C business model?
  • How convenient is the setup of D2C to store data in the cloud for the secure transaction of data and cash?
  • How easily are the trust and loyalty programs rewarded for providing security, personalization, and flexibility of the D2C brands?
  • How is the retailer market cut-off and the D2C made hand on the market is an excellent way?

The importance of D2C is worth making the market and grabbing the customer experience to gather the valuable data to reach the highest point in the business. D2C gives more exposure to the customer on the basics of their choices and satisfies the customer’s need. They plan to provide customer-oriented service as per the data-driven by the trusted source.

The purchasing has been easy with such a digital platform and dealing directly with the manufacturer to update their products and stock. With time the technology used for such a business model will cover the entire market and help in generating momentum from the buyer and seller side. D2C is a customer-centric pathway to catch many eyes towards its service and work culture.

The work ethics of the D2C is trustworthy and straightforward to get circulated in the market. The user’s comments or feedback will motivate other users to approach the same brand products. All these are possible only when the D2C serves the customer as per their norms or policies. With time and technology, the D2C keeps on revising its norms for the benefit of the customers. The selling of the brand product becomes easy in online service. Just a click and things are available at your home without any delivery charges.

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