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March 29, 2022
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Amazon has been in a hike for the last few years and attracting sales in the market in a big way. The Amazon success story inspires others to follow the trend and grab the customers’ attention from a broader perspective. The business people start in a minor way and grow wisely, making a massive profit.

The success story of Amazon is narrated to other sellers, whether it be entrepreneurs or any organizations to grow further in such fields. They trade in everything from clothes, electronics, offices supply to food.

Amazon has its subsidiary in different countries like the UAE to expand the e-commerce platform worldwide. To eliminate the competition, Amazon has tie-up with the regional or local e-commerce store, namely They mutually work to maintain the demand and supply in the market for long-term growth and manage the platform more broadly.

Such a process has made the working of Amazon relatively easy and exciting to access the platform in a simple and sophisticated way. Thanks to Amazon to establish such a great platform to attract consumers to make the benefits out of it.

The sales of such platforms are approximately USD 350m and are expected to rise shortly for the growth of the e-commerce platform in a diverse way.

How can you sell on

It is exciting to sell on Amazon following specific processes and getting the same license to start working on the same.

To sell the stuff online, one can access it by generating an account, either professional or individual. Each report has different policies to follow and sign in as an Amazon seller account. You can get a free zone or mainland license as an account holder. Generally, you prefer the free zone model as the best way to run the e-commerce platform. Free zones include storage facilities, onsite warehousing, transport links such as air, sea, and land. The good part about the free zone model is that it gives a custom tax exemption of around 100% and zero currency restrictions to run the e-commerce platform digitally.

The process to get an e-commerce license.

There are four simple steps to get an e-commerce license. Just follow the process and get the approval of the permit as soon as possible to start the work as an Amazon seller account.

Step 1

Initially, you must choose your company name and register accordingly to coordinate with the UAE’s criteria and naming pattern. You can’t put any religious name as your business or organization name, nor can you use any offensive language to run your Amazon sales account; if you want to insert your name as the organization name, you have to put it thoroughly rather than mentioning only your initials or surname. And the name that you use as an Amazon seller account name must be registered and verified.

Step 2

Once you are done with the company name, you can apply for the license based on the country. The applications are meant to be filled for the free zone as they act as self-regulated and do not undergo any trade approval to make the process efficient, effective, and faster. Specific essential documentation is required, like a passport and other required stuff based on the Amazon seller account as per your business model.

Step 3

To have a business and stay in UAE, you must have your visa ready. For that, you have to take a tour of the immigration center for biometric data and other information. For the approval of the business, the audience has to undergo a fitness test, chest x-ray, and blood test too.

Step 4

Dubai is renowned for banking institutions for international and local or regional brands. Getting an account in such banks may be tricky or complicated, but once the process is done, you can easily access the transaction. When you get the license of the account and visa in your pocket, you can quickly go for a corporate bank account.

The process to be an Amazon seller.

The only thing you have to do as an account holder is to click the official site and hit the start selling button to manage the process and start making the sales quickly.

What will be the time taken to have your store on

There is no particular time to have your store. It may either take 24 hours or weeks to complete the process.

Documents to have an Amazon seller account on

The following things are required to process the account in one shot for documentation.

  • Business name, contact details, address
  • The valid billing address and the bank account
  • Phone number to get the registration process completed.

Benefits of being a seller on

One of the best advantages of selling on Amazon is to expand the business globally to enhance the sales channel to attract millions of customers in one go. The other benefit of such a platform is the readymade infrastructure and affordability or cost-effectiveness. To start your business online, you need a laptop and an internet connection to proceed further to make the work-life healthy. The license is achieved easily by showing the correct documentation.

An e-commerce platform like Amazon makes the work easy and suitable for the flow of work quickly and quickly. Amazon is a trending website or application to serve the purpose magnificently. The process is relatively easy and outstanding to manage and follow the criteria as per the need and submit the documentation as required to complete the process vividly. The process is so smooth and worthy that even an individual can create an account in just a blink of an eye and handle the workflow efficiently. The lack of time sets the account holder unrestricted or less restricted to make the business reach the pinnacle.

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