How to Pick the Best Order Management System for Your eCommerce Business

December 9, 2021
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With new terminologies like ERP, WMS, OMS, and so on, the world of eCommerce has become a lot more streamlined, accurate, and fast-paced. More than ever, eCommerce companies are now growing to serve the best customer experiences!

Understand today’s most successful management system

Order Management System, a software platform, is used by retailers and 3PLs to manage, track and fulfill orders. A good OMS ensures effective order processing and streamlines the picking/packing of orders from the warehouse to the customer.

With tools like Order Management Systems, users can acquire near-instant gratification while efficiently organizing information. With OMS for your eCommerce business, manage efficient order fulfillment processes in two key ways:

  • Automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks using OMS
  • Integrate OMS with other management systems to acquire end-to-end visibility

A good Order Management System will help you experience the benefits of automated email workflows, set triggers for milestones like order confirmation, delivery, returns, etc. With OMS, your business can never miss a step!

Automate refuting fulfillment tasks with Order Management System.

Key points to consider while picking your Order Management System

No management systems are inadequate. However, what works for your eCommerce business is best for you. Here are key points to consider while picking an Order Management System for your business.

  • Seamless Integration 

A robust OMS comes with an open API. OMS cannot complete its communication with integrated management systems without this, resulting in inefficient business operations.

Integrations with brands like Shopify or Vinculum will help your business head towards convenience. Observe investments result in positive outcomes with the best OMS for your eCommerce business.

In other words, a good OMS helps eCommerce businesses get acquainted with seamless integration.

  • Scalability 

It is tough to keep upgrading to the latest OMS. While looking for OMS for your business, think about the long-term needs. Get an order management system that can handle an upscale in order volumes as time passes.

With the pandemic in 2020, growth opportunities are accelerating, and OMS is finding it tough to keep up. With Vinculum, get acquainted with a strategy that is future-proof for your business!

In other words, a good OMS helps eCommerce businesses get flexible with scalability.

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking 

A good OMS knows where and when your order lands and such information is of essence to make cut downs or save on unnecessary expenses. With a sound order management system, get up-to-date insights into your business, customer experiences, and more. This way, your business gets a chance to be proactive in potential sales opportunities.

In other words, a good OMS helps eCommerce businesses track inventory in real-time.

  • Multi-Node Fulfillment 

Customers today are looking for the fastest delivery options; this is where multi-node fulfillment comes in for logistics management. Maintain various facilities at planned and strategic locations to close virtual networks.

Your brand can allocate orders to the warehouse closest and communicate with the end customer for quick delivery. For efficient multi-node fulfillment, get an OMS that’s capable of streamlining orders across warehouses.

In other words, a good OMS helps eCommerce businesses get multi-node fulfillment.

Final words…

Order Management Systems can be great to work with, provided you pick the most streamlined option for your business. Integrating seamlessly with other software and automation of administrative tasks are other perks when getting an OMS. A good OMS will help your eCommerce business by accelerating:


Integrate and condense information under one roof while saving time and other resources. This way, manage staff training and order management at once. Get a comprehensive overview of your brand’s retail operations with a sound order management system for your business.


Order Management Systems are designed to accelerate the productivity of warehouses, retail stores, and the eCommerce business as a whole. With OMS, automate generic, repetitive tasks while concentrating on creative elements of your business to give the human touch. In other words, quick delivery and efficient products equal high customer satisfaction.


Errors are never accepted in eCommerce businesses. With the advancement in technology, You can achieve accuracy for your eCommerce business with OMS. Automate repetitive processes and concentrate on product innovation.

A sound order management system will help you save time best spent on product innovation, marketing strategies, and more. Find the suitable OMS for your business by partnering with the best fulfillment provider, Vinculum.

With Vinculum, get guidance from experts who will help you make the right decisions for the long run. Focus on what matters most; your customers.

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