How BORIS & BOPIS can benefit Your Business

September 27, 2021

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Online stores have been booming, and brands like Amazon have been obsessed with the competition lately. With the rise in online stores, companies have been rethinking how to use their retail stores in the best way possible.

Thanks to BORIS (Buy Online, Return In Store) and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In-Store), retail stores can be used excellently, significantly improving retailers’ lives.

With BORIS & BOPIS, launching omnichannel strategies can be simplified! A study by Forrester reveals that only 31% of retail leaders contribute to digital points compared to other sales channels.

In this blog, you will discover:

  • What BORIS & BOPIS means
  • Benefits of BORIS & BOPIS for your online business
  • BORIS & BOPIS in tomorrow’s world

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

Abbreviated as BOPIS, this retail model is the blend of the best shopping experiences for all. BOPIS can be titled as the backbone of a business’s successful omnichannel initiative. A good BOPIS strategy indicates that your business can also increase average order value, customer lifetime values, and conversion rates!

  • Explore benefits of BOPIS for your business now:

BOPIS upscales average order value. With cross-selling and/or upselling customers while they pick up orders at the Store, BOPIS service can upscale average order value.

BOPIS benefits to upscaling average order value by:

  • Customers feel tempted to shop more because they’re already in- Store
  • Retail stores may leave an emotional impact, inspiring customers to shop
  • BOPIS upscales sales

With the BOPIS strategy, your business can upscale sales, hence generating more revenue. Often, new stores see an increase in sales in comparison to surrounding markets.

BOPIS benefits to upscaling sales by:

  • Customers may see the collection in store, leading to more shopping
  • Sales teams are shining on customers, pushing them to buy
  • BOPIS upscales conversion rates, improves customer lifetime value

BOPIS offerings sure leave a positive impact on conversion rates and increase customer lifetime value. With same-day BOPIS services, customers may feel encouraged to move forward with purchases.

BOPIS benefits to upscaling conversion rates and improves customer lifetime value by:

  • Encouraging purchases lead to high conversion rates

Buy Online Return In-Store

The BORIS model is all about enabling companies to reduce net-revenue losses caused by online shopping. BORIS is the right way to go if your business wants to convert online order returns to in-store returns.

With BORIS, your customers will get better options, instant gratification, and more. There’s no need to go through the trouble of shipping backorders to your retailer for a business like yours.

Explore benefits of BORIS for your business now:

  • Reduced shipping costs & order brokering

The entire hassle of shipping orders back and forth is reduced, leading to reduced shipping costs. In fact, with order brokering, enjoy the benefits of shipping items to the nearest warehouse or Store!

BORIS benefit to reduced shipping costs & order brokering:

  • An affordable strategy to return items
  • On-time shipping

With the fantastic order brokering strategy, on-time shipping is simplified. BORIS helps boost & fulfill same-day shipping for maximum customers, building brand loyalty!

BORIS benefits to on-time shipping costs:

  • Boosts same-day shipping strategy
  • Builds brand loyalty in the long run
  • Increased profit

Enjoy the perks of increased profits with BORIS, especially in the fashion industry. Sell products at various price ranges and end up making more than anticipated! See increased profits with total price sell-through rates.

BORIS benefits to increased profits by:

  • Full-price sell-through rates
  • Smart liquidation of inventory end of season
  • Reduced backorders

With the blend of omnichannel marketing and endless aisle solutions and BORIS, ensure reduced backorders! With intelligent data analysis, distribute your stock and sell products relevant to customers. You will see the difference with indicators on data like what customers like, price ranges, and more.

BORIS benefit to reduced backorders by:

  • People may be too happy to return orders

BORIS & BOPIS in tomorrow’s world 

The pandemic and its impact have turned around how we see businesses. Since 2020, BORIS & BOPIS have shown tremendous popularity because of their benefits & wow effect!

It’s a win-win for customers and brands if customers pick products online & return Store if not interested, isn’t it?

With Vinculum, discover what works for your business – BOPIS or BORIS?

Want to grow your business?

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growth is here!

Quick tricks for growth:

  • Reconciliation of overcharges
  • Single inventory dashboard
  • Reduced order processing time
  • Standard and accurate data

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