E-Commerce and Social Media: The Winning Combination

December 13, 2021
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E-Commerce and Social Media: The Winning Combination

Social media is ruling the world and has connected the people integrally. The social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more have attracted lots of content and grabbed the audience’s mind to have a look at it. E-commerce has set the market in a significant way, and nearly 90% of the crowd is involved in online shopping.

Such a pattern has been introduced to a new platform called social commerce to get the people’s attention significantly. These days, businesses or start-ups are involved more in social media marketing than the old channelizing social networks. These social e-commerce platforms are more in trend and are covering the market in a significant way.

It is pretty easy to shop online with just a single click, and things are available at your doorstep within a few days. The best part is that it does not charge for the same, which means no delivery charges.

Facebook and YouTube influence the audience around 7 in 10 to purchase the items or add things to the cart.

Let’s explore this article and understand how social e-commerce works and its advantages to consumers.

Social media and its use in e-commerce platform

The social media platform is explained as the medium to sell and advertise the products through Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites as per Investopedia. The practices that e-commerce deals to satisfy the customers need are mentioned as below-

  • It provides coupons, discounts, or rewards to the consumers who advertise the products in social media stories or updates on social media.
  • You can customize the products as per the wish of the consumers.
  • The new way to get the customers’ attention is to make a video and the images and add the description of the products.
  • It also adds reviews and recommendations as per the end-users need and experience.

Social media adds a glimpse into the user’s page to shop more and get updated about the new launch of the products. Through this, they can directly share the products with their friends and family to add to their collections or cart.

Social commerce and its current scenario

Social commerce has driven the sales market and channelizing it is a great way to rule the customer’s attention. The traditional way of e-commerce activities in dealing with retailers was a challenging task. And when it comes to the modern way of handling the sales market, it is pretty easy and exciting to touch the heart of the users effectively. The stylish way sets an excellent example in productively establishing the bond.

As per the Asia Social Commerce Report survey managed by Paypal, 80% of the retail businesses across Asia were done through social networks.

Social media keeps an eye on the brands and start-ups for the promotions of the products and the latest trend that needs to be followed to match the customer’s satisfaction and needs.

Social commerce makes shopping easy by adding new potential and functionalities in the mind of the customers. You can check the products directly through the social media platform without leaving the page. Social media networks are increasing with the help of shop-now or buy now action buttons to make more sales and advertisement of the products.

The add-on features of the sales channel are controlled by software and AI-based tools to perform the work in a precise way. The live-streaming enhanced the market up to 13-16% and had done good business.

Advantages of the social commerce 

Some of the advantages of social commerce to engage the customers in a significant way are jotted below-

  1. Customer Enrolment
    Customer engagement is critical to get social media influence. If the customer is not interested, how come they will engage themselves in social media and get updates about the launch of the new product. For this, the customers need to socialize in an excellent way for the best options for shopping.Social media is a communication between the business and the customers for the company’s growth in a two-way manner. Advertising is the work of the social media network and helps in making decisions by comparing different apps or sites and choosing the best of them.
  2. The business and the audience growth
    The growth of the business and the audience go hand-in-hand. The more the customer is satisfied, the more growth in the e-commerce business. Once you target your regular customers, it will be easy to figure out the generation rate around 16.98%. It helps interact with every end-user profoundly and recommends the products to other users in an enthusiastic manner.
  3. Look into the order valueThe brand products and the e-commerce platform are diverse to bind the market and fulfill the audience’s needs. The shopping experience and the attractive looks of the products make the user more efficient in online shopping and make the market easy.
  4. Social Media Ranking Social media is the right platform to increase website traffic and helps in the easy payment transaction without any hindrance. The better the ranking your business stands in social media, the better the content to deliver to the end-users. The social media feedback and the comments help the other consumers purchase the same products without any second choice and enhance the search engine potential.
  5. Customer visionsThe e-commerce must understand the brand products and the customer vision to understand the customer’s experience quickly. Customer engagement is a powerful tool to impress the market and make the benefits out of it. The call is to get the right content for the consumers for a happy living. Social commerce is the trend of the upcoming years and makes the market more effective and efficient.

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