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November 22, 2021

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DTC is an old business model. It used to follow a conventional way to attract consumers. The DTC approaches the wholesalers or retailers to sell the products. And these retailers or wholesalers pay commission on each sale to the intermediary or third party. Earlier sellers used to move door-to-door to sell the products that were quite hectic and irrelevant to get the excellent output. The consumers may or may not trust such sellers and may get involved in any fraud cases.

While following such a business pattern, there was no strong bond between the buyer and the seller. People may interact with each other, but the connection between the manufacturer and the consumers was still missing. They never got the market experience nor understood the consumer experience to update the market selling and its stock.

With the passage of time and the adoption of new technology, DTC has changed its approach to customers. DTC these days has eliminated the middlemen and their contribution to serving the customer needs. They started interacting with the consumers directly and put their effort into understanding their psychology and what they are looking for soon.

Amid pandemic, the DTC has held the market and consumer’s needs concretely to satisfy their requirements. Some brands like Bewakoof.com, Wakefit, and many more are in the same line in terms of their business model. The consumers are happy and enjoy online shopping as they get things of their choice on their doorstep without any delivery charge. Previously the purchasing in the traditional way used to charge high for delivery of the products, which was not affordable by many.

Earlier, it was pretty challenging to set up a store and grab the attention of the customer. Taking care of IT employees and other tech expertise was tough to manage. With the growth of technology and the latest version of tools, the work has been easy to go and sophisticated. SaaS companies are working hard to provide all the services simply.

SaaS Platform and its advantages

  • It helps in cut-off the cost
  • Provides the best way to analyze the query with the help of the tech team and statistics.
  • It will provide 24/7 services
  • Establishes the best buyer and seller relationships
  • SEO optimization
  • Engagement with a social media platform
  • It helps in starting the work within 15 days
  • Easy mode of payment
  • It provides a quick way to place customer orders
  • Inventory Management

Let’s explore in-depth and choose the best platform for the D2C pathway:


Every business aims to generate a reasonable price for its product, and they have to choose the right platform and suitable prizes, discounts, or coupons to attract the audience.

Yelo is the best platform to provide information and brand message to the customers for awareness and advertising purposes.

Payment mode

The payment mode should be straightforward for ordinary men to access. Once the payment mode is not up to the mark, the customer may shift to another brand that may down your business. The emerging brands must choose the right payment path to serve the customer’s needs without any negligence. The multiple payment modes may lead to loss of audience, including the targeted one.

The platform that you choose for payment must provide security and follow all the safety norms to keep personal data or information secured.

SaaS Platform for D2C

SaaS helps you go online with your business ideas and tie up with them to get the service within 15 days. The businessmen collect the data and work as per their analysis to make the market more trending with its product and vision. The tech giant will handle the software developing part, testing, and other technical work in a vivid way to provide the best service to the customer.

In case of any issues, they are available 24/7 to solve the glitches. They integrate with the third party and extract the benefit out of it. They are getting in touch with third parties to deliver the product, check google Maps configuration, build a customer-centric relationship, and other relatable work to take advantage of such a SaaS platform. Cloud-based SaaS is the best way to provide service to the consumers and the third-party also. This will help grow the market need and attract the audience to chase such services broadly.

Social Media Network

Social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Google, Facebook, and many others play a vital role in broadly establishing the DTC business model. These social media sites spread the advertisement and attract the viewer to have a look at these products. The media is the best way to provide sufficient information to the user and grab the product as soon as possible with a heavy discount, prizes, and loyalty programs.

The media and its other channels help spread the correct information among the customers to build the market and its value. Even images, videos, and audio are used to do a campaign for the DTC start-ups. With the help of Google analytics, it is pretty easy to know what customers are in search of in the present and the near future.

The comments and feedback in the social media platform regarding any particular brands make it easy for other customers to look for the same without any second thought. It can also provide real-time analysis quickly with the help of Yelo and other business intelligence tools to reach customer-oriented services.

Different brands have covered other social media platforms to inform consumers of the same based on their budget and need of the time.

D2C is a data-driven and customer-oriented platform to catch the user’s eyes in a fascinating way to change the business model and make it worthy. The audience is more inclined towards such a D2C platform to get the service sitting at home and dealing with the manufacturer directly without any second thought.

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