Cloud warehouse management system (WMS): The eCommerce fulfillment enabler

December 22, 2018

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Akash Jain
Written by:
Akash Jain

The fast-paced eCommerce growth demands eCommerce, Retail and Logistics companies to enable effective and efficient eCommerce fulfillment. Today’s customers expect a timely delivery- same day or within two days, along with real-time tracking of their orders. To provide an amazing customer service and successfully run the eCommerce fulfillment operations, you will require an efficient warehouse management system (WMS) that will streamline and optimize your operations to enable you to:

  • Fulfill orders across multiple online marketplaces & geographies
  • Streamline the flow of information between in-house solution and third-party solutions (last mile delivery/fulfillment partners)
  • Assign inventory to orders seamlessly
  • Reduce delivery time and order accuracy error
  • Reduce operational expenses by reducing waste and intelligent inventory management
  • Better demand planning based on execution of perfect orders

All this can be achieved using a cloud-based WMS system, which not only lowers the total cost of ownership for your business but also helps you to manage everything, anywhere via a single login.

Here are the top 7 key benefits that every eCommerce Fulfillment companies look for in a Cloud WMS to improve operational efficiency as well as productivity in B2B Warehousing and eCommerce Fulfillment:

Cloud WMS (Warehouse Management System) for B2B Warehousing and eCommerce fulfillment

Vinculum’s product, Vin eRetail WMS is designed for both B2B and B2C fulfillment, thus enabling companies to manage orders, inventory and returns effectively across multiple retail & eCommerce channels.

Vin eRetail has regularly been featured in various Gartner reports including 2018, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Warehousing Management Systems.

Key Features of Vinculum’s Cloud-based Warehouse Management Solution, Vin eRetail WMS include:

  • Multi-Channel Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Easy Fulfillment of Orders from multiple warehouses across borders
  • Ready Integration with multiple marketplaces, webstores, and retail systems
  • Client-wise segregation of Inventory
  • Real-time view of inventory across multiple warehouse locations
  • Client-wise visibility of Inventory using Client Portal
  • Automated and Mobile enabled warehouse operations
  • 3PL Billing for Flexible billing option
  • Enable Cross-border Fulfillment through ready integration with international and domestic last-mile fulfillment companies
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual system with user-defined business rules to help users adapt faster

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Author Bio:
An MBA marketing graduate from IIM, Akash Jain works at Vinculum group, where he manages product marketing, content and social media marketing. An ardent learner of new things, he is passionate about scaling up marketing operations, implementing new-age marketing automation and customer psyche.

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