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January 5, 2018

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Go find a better pair than us!

Now brands from across India can Choose to sell on Fynd

India has been considered as the fastest growing economies of the world as per the study conducted by IMF (International Monetary Fund) and CSO (Central Statics Office). eCommerce industry in India has shown a tremendous growth in the past few years and is expected to continue the phenomenal progress. Especially in India, many factors along with the increase in online user base, increased use of smartphones and tablets, heavy internet usage, and the need for convenience in shopping has supported the growth remarkably.

With big players in the market like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc., it becomes imperative for the mid-size and small players to leverage an online eCommerce platform. It also becomes important for Offline brands, who want to reach new customers & expand their sales channels, to leverage the online space via these platforms & improve their revenue streams. Fynd –being one such platform that offers the latest trends from some of the biggest brands in India & is gaining immense popularity. The offline to online (O2O) company channelizes its combined outreach to offer the best brands fashion along with superior customer services to its ever-growing clientele. Customers can make use of the Mix & Match feature and choose from their favorite styles, colors and patterns. Fynd sources all its products across various fashion categories directly from most prominent brands and stores of the country.

Vinculum Group, announced its partnership with Fynd, a unique fashion e-commerce portal on 4th Jan, 2018.  With this partnership, brands and SMEs who are looking at new channels for selling their products can now look at Fynd as a feasible option to sell their products.

Speaking on the occasion, Venkat Nott, CEO of Vinculum Group said, “Brands today have an excellent opportunity to grow both domestically & internationally by leveraging online channels. Our SaaS products enable them to sell online via own webstores or across marketplaces, get a real-time view of inventory across both stores and warehouses thereby providing the access to multiple channels and to give a seamless experience across channels. We welcome Fynd to our Partner ecosystem & am confident that this partnership will grow to be a growth driver for the industry, ultimately benefitting shoppers with a variety of brands to choose from, convenience & flexibility while shopping – at their fingertips”

Brands and Sellers can use Vin eRetail Order Management system and CMS (Catalogue Management System) to list their catalog on multiple marketplaces and use the 100+ integrations with top global marketplaces, 3PLs, ERPs and financial services to sell across multiple channels and to manage their orders and fulfillment easily. Vinculum’s partner ecosystem in these global markets helps in providing full marketplace management services as well.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, Harsh Shah, Co-Founder, Fynd said, “With this brand new association with Vinculum, we will be able to enhance our services and look at seamless order fulfillment. Through this association, more brands will be able to integrate with us and fuel their growth through our platform. Also, we would be referring our existing brands to make use of the services at Vinculum. In this manner, the association ought to be a win-win situation for both Vinculum and Fynd.”

For more details on how brands can start selling their products on Fynd, book a demo today.

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