Vin eRetail Editions

Multi currency Support
Multi Language Support
Multi User Support
Multi User Right Management
Marketplace/ Webstore Intergation
Master SKU Creation
Compliance to local taxation (Including GST)
Bundles and Multipacks handling
Product Categories Management
Barcode Generation and multiple SKU barcode management
Customize Report (MIS Reporting)
Customizable Labels (Invoice, Shipping label, PO, GRN, Barcode)
Multi Warehouse Support
Web API for Integrations
Order Sync with Webshops and Marketplace
Fetch Shipping Label and Manifest from Marketplace
Logistics Integrations - Manifest, AWB, Shipping Label
Manual order Creation and Bulk Order Import
Order Management for Bundle Items
OMS Rules for Verification, tagging & Routing
SKU Scan for Picking and Packing
Multiple picking strategies - SKU Wise, Order wise and Wave picking
Order Splitting to different fulfilment locations
Pricing Management for B2B Customers and Franchise Stores
Executing Drop Shipping from Seller Panel
Multi Company Support - Automated JIT Procurement
Return Managment (Return to Origin and Customer Initiated Returns)
Replacement Order/ Reverse Pick up handling
Multichannel Inventory Sync
Auto-Import Products from Channels
Inventory Reconciliation
Virtual and Back Order Inventory Management
Purchase Order Management
Multi Vendor Catalog Management
Stock Inwards through Inbound
Zone Wise / Bin Wise Inventory Management
Batch or lotwise Management of Inventory (Expiry, MRP)
Inventory Serialization and IMEI Capture
Inventory Rotation based on LIFO, FIFO, FEFO
System defined putaway
Advance Shipping Note Management
Palletized Inventory Management
Multi UOM management
Inbound QC process
Android App for real time operations
Multi - Client Management
Client Portal
Billing and Contract Management
Kitting Management
Vendor to Warehouse
Warehouse to Store
Payment Reconcilation
Cataloge Management System
Point Of Sales (POS)
Seller Panel
Setup OTB
Purchase Order checking for budget limit
Price Events
Promotions (POS & B2B)
Customer Segmentation & Coupons
Setup Loyalty Configurations
Loyalty Promotions- Quantity or Amount based
Loyalty works across all channels - real time accumulate & redeem
Customer Receipt Validation
Job Order Creation
Customer Registration
Warranty Check/ eWarranty
Guided Implementation & Training
Integration Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Support Personnel
On-SIte Team Training Program
Email Support
Chat Bot Support
Phone Support

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