UrDoorstep success story – How to run a successful online grocery business

April 21, 2017

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UrDoorStep Success Story

urDOORSTEP.com is India’s first online hypermarket, redefining the retail industry by not just delivering the widest range of quality products at your doorstep, but also adding value to every step of the process, thereby taking online shopping to a whole new level.

Dinesh Malpani’s (CEO & Founder, UrDoorstep) exhaustive 25 years of experience and his in-depth knowledge in the multi-channel Retail & eCommerce Industry helped the company offer the best possible experience and value to their customers. His ability to analyze the market, understand the behavioral patterns and cater to the changing demands of the highly dynamic retail business, makes him a visionary and innovative entrepreneur who is all set to revolutionize online retail with urDOORSTEP.com.

Vinculum formed a strategic partnership with urdoorstep.com to help them go online and automate their eCommerce operations. They required a robust Order Fulfillment and Warehouse management solution to

  • manage the large volume of B2C orders
  • manage large-scale warehouse having multiple zones including temperature controlled zones
  • achieve real-time inventory management and synchronization to avoid stock-outs and reduce/eliminate obsolete inventory
  • split orders by the nature of product mix
  • intelligently capture the delivery slots for the customer orders and help in calculating the priority of picking, packing and shipping operations to meet the customer expectations
  • integrate with their webstore and owned GPS in-vehicle navigation and tracking system (MapMyIndia)

“In the food & grocery business, the backend, the warehouse, the procurement of inventory, order management, picking, packing & shipping are the lifelines of this business,” said Dinesh Malpani, Founder & CEO, Urdoorstep

“I could see that a company which got an understanding of retail or retail backend operations will be a good starting point for us and Vinculum scored on all these aspects from day 1 and we could build a strong relationship as we started,” he added.

Vinculum offered UrDoorStep a customized and a seamless SaaS-based solution, Vin eRetail, which helped them:

  • Improve business processing time – Timely and accurately pick, pack, ship and track all the orders
  • Increase On-time delivery rate to 99% for delivering superior experience to the customers
  • Improve Fill rates of FMCG products to 95%
  • Increase Line item fill rates for order to 98.5%
  • Avoid Stockouts and Overstocks
  • Provide high-quality food products – by tapping multiple zones against a specific temperature to create an ambient temperature for all the product

Using Vinculum has been a great decision, he mused – “Vin eRetail has got great functionalities of order management, particularly the picking, packing, and shipping aspects, which are very strongly built. The best part which I like about Vinculum is their ability to stand by the client through thick and thin, to adapt and ensure that solutions are being given to all problems.”

“I am very very happy with the relationship and wish to take it a long way forward from here” he stated.

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