Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Product Data Management

May 8, 2020

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Over the years, there has been a steady and substantial growth in the eCommerce world due to the Industrial Revolution and numerous technological innovations. As customer expectation is evolving day by day towards product selection and purchase process, there is a drastic shift in the eCommerce landscape.

Today’s customer is less interested in going to a physical store. They rather expect a convenient eCommerce platform to view options, check price and shortlist the products of their need.

This makes the purchase decision-making journey even more complex as more customers are interested in reading product information like the description, features/quality/value etc., reviews, and recommendations shared by authentic buyers or their friends both online and offline before they shortlist or buy a product.

The information available online or on an eCommerce platform is thus crucial for your business. If you want to stay ahead in your game, increase your eCommerce business profitability by simply optimizing and managing your product data with a highly collaborative and well-aligned and updated PDM system or product data management system.

Not only the accuracy of your product data but also the quality makes a huge difference on your eCommerce platform. It’s essential in order to better inspire the purchase decision of your customers. Here comes the role of a good Product Data Management System or PDM.

What is a Product Data Management System or PDM?

A PDM is an application that acts as a unified virtual location that helps you store and manage your product information or data collected or achieved from different channels or sources.

How PDM helps in your eCommerce Business?

In today’s digital world, data is the new currency once you understand its potential and how to utilize it for your benefit. PDM helps your business grow in a highly competitive global environment. Here’s how:

  • It helps your business control and access all the crucial information or data that adds significant value to your business
  • Effective product data management provides a more agile response to the demand in the market
  • PDM allows you to maximize efficiency at reduced time and effort
  • It also reduces the potential risk of human error while matching the needs and expectations of your customers
  • Above all, PDM offers an effective way to deal with the hottest trends and demands in eCommerce and create innovative product collection that your customers are actually looking for

How Crucial PDM is for Your eCommerce Business?

Product Data Management System, also known as eCommerce Data Management System,is a crucial software and a powerful information technology.

The key objective of a PDM is to help you overcome your product information management and distribution challenges. PDM also ensures the distribution of high-quality product data. You can also improve your product data with the help of its online tools.

Here are your 5 top reasons to go for an eCommerce Data Management system or PDM:

Focused Approach

PDM improved customer experience by helping you provide all information on one single platform. It makes customer satisfied and makes their purchasing journey interesting through a more customer-focused approach of Product Data Management System.

Quality data

Better data ensures better revenue. Imagine a situation where a prospect looks for a product within their budget yet with good quality or feature. If your eCommerce platform is not updated with improved data regarding customer needs, means it lacks the creative approach of customer interaction, your product online catalog may not be enough to attract your prospect and hence, may lose a potential customer.

Increased Productivity

A robust PDM helps your brand organize product information from multiple sources which even includes suppliers. This encourages the collection of error-free, authentic and precise data for the end-users. Hence PDM helps you reduce the time, effort and company expense spent on manpower for data entry etc. It does not only boost sales but improves revenue streams as well by reducing maintenance cost.

Better Search-ability

With the growing demand, mobiles and smartphones have become the most preferred device for daily tasks, no matter you are ordering something online or doing your leisure activities like listening to music. The right information at the right time is what your customers are always looking for. Through highly searchable keyword-optimized content as your product description helps you stay on the top of the search engine.

Improved Speed to Market

Time to market is vital where a little delay can put you at risk of losing sales and revenue. Improved time to market ensures increased revenue. It’s important to introduce new products to the end-users. PDM is a key method of accelerating the time to the market effort which helps ensure your product gathers essential attention from the targeted customer base.

PDM plays the most significant role in creating a standardized and unified customer experience by standardizing data and reshuffling the product data distribution across numerous sales channels. It can be also be integrated and customized with specific aspects like control systems, inventory tracking and many other eCommerce software.

Want to explore more features and insights on PDM systems? Get in touch with our experts at Vinculum, today!

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