Simplify your eCommerce order management with the new express wallet

January 25, 2018

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Simplify your eCommerce order management with the new express wallet

Selling on top marketplaces made easy through Vin eRetail express and introducing Vin eRetail express wallet to make it even easier. If you are an SMB/Seller who is already selling or want to sell on top marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal can now start big on multiple marketplaces through Vin eRetail express. Your subscription fees towards Vin eRetail express can easily be managed through a wallet service which helps you move away from the need to manage your monthly subscription and save money through wallet discounts.

Express Wallet – How does it work?

“Express Wallet” is a dedicated Loyalty prepaid wallet that allows an individual to avail discount on monthly billing incurred on using Vin eRetail eXpress to manage and fulfill orders on multiple marketplaces globally.

Positive account balance needs to be maintained for the Wallet to work. On every invoice generated the user can earn up to 10% Cashback (10% of the total invoice amount would be paid via Express Wallet)

Example: If the outstanding invoice for a customer is INR 1000, and the Wallet balance is 200 credits, then the total payable amount for that customer will be INR 900. (10% of INR 1000 = 100).

Vin eRetail Express Wallet- Benefits:

  • Hassle-free auto debit
  • Lifetime validity
  • Can be used Globally
  • Refer your friends and use Vin eRetail eXpress for free*
  • Huge savings on monthly recharges
  • Participate and Avail exciting offers from time to time
  • Easy one-click payment, No gateways, OTP etc.
  • Can be used for unlocking other features of Vin eRetail eXpress (Coming soon)
  • Can be used for subscribing/ enroll/ unlock various partner services (Coming soon)

*T&C Apply

Sellers can now optimize payments to suppliers with Vin eRetail express wallet. With agreed payment dates, and the whole process of collection is taken care of automatically via express wallet, sellers need never miss a payment again.

Vin eRetail eXpress, Vinculum’s SaaS-based order management and fulfillment software that helps sellers and eTailers to sell and manage orders across multiple marketplaces and streamline their fulfillment processes.

With Vin eRetail eXpress:

  • Start selling online
  • Turbocharge your online business
  • Sell on top marketplaces with ease
  • Streamline your operations & never miss an order

To know how Vinculum can help you seamlessly manage and fulfill your orders across multiple marketplaces, book a demo today – Click Here

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