Pamalees collaborates with Vinculum to accelerate its OmniChannel growth

May 12, 2017

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OmniChannel - Pamalees

Based in Hong Kong, Pamalees was founded in 2012 with an objective to offer complete sourcing solutions to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. With operations in major countries of Asia and Middle-East, what differentiates Pamalees is the wealth of experience & retail lineage carried forward by the founders and their dedication to maximize customers gain via thorough, fair, and profitable activities.

Pamalees Limited operates two online businesses – a B2B business (Pamalees F&C Corporation), and a B2C business, L’epicerie Gourmand. Their brick and mortar store is also a restaurant where French preparations are served. Inventory used in the kitchen is also available for sales to customers.

Currently they are working on a business model where they import goods from France and sell in the Philippines market.

Key Challenges:

Pamalees forayed into the Philippines market with their assortments of wines, groceries, health & beauty products. They required an end-to-end solution to launch their B2B & B2C online portals and manage the multichannel operations. Also, they needed a solution to –

  • build their B2B & B2C sites and manage their webstores.
  • manage all the orders, inventory and returns across offline and online stores
  • seamlessly integrate their brick n mortar stores with head office and online store systems
  • manage and support store operations
  • implement Philippine-specific promotions while complying with local laws
  • integrate store system with weighing scale

The Vinculum Solution:

Vinculum is helping them deliver a successful Omnichannel experience to their customers through our end-to-end implementation of O2O suite. The offering included –

  • Implementation of Magento based webstores for their B2B & B2C Online portals
  • A SaaS-based solution, single interface to manage all the orders, inventory & returns.
  • MultiChannel Order & Inventory management
  • Seamless Integration of Online & Offline stores systems
  • Integration with Payment gateway eGHL
  • Customized stock adjustment reports
  • Defining the flow of master data from one system to another

Implementation of Vinculum’s O2O suite helped Pamalees expand their business footprints in eCommerce & brick & mortar channels easily.

We continue to work with them to help them grow across channels and scale new heights.

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