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Hyperlocal Is The Future FMCG Brands Are Moving To

Get your brand #FutureProof with Vinculum

Are Any Of These Your Problems?


Managing multiple marketplaces

Real-time view of order inventory across sales channels/locations

Multilocation fulfilment to meet customer SLA

Managing returns & reconciliations across channels

How do I offload stuck inventory at my distributors/warehouses?

How do I increase secondary sales for my products?

How do I get my products to customers faster?

How Does Vinculum Solve For It?

Vinculum’s centralized platform gave them a way to reach directly to customer through 150+ Hyperlocal channel integrations.

A dedicated system to fulfil orders from multiple channels Marketplaces, Hyperlocal & client’s store seamlessly

Increases youronline sales and brings in orders from many different channels to be fulfilled directly through distributers

Automatic Routing of orders to nearby Distributors thus creating analternative channel to liquidate stuck inventory

Fulfills orders from 200+ locations across India efficiently

Gives a dynamic real-time view of the inventory

Handles Payment Reconciliations easily


Make Your Distributors Reach Directly To Customers


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Customer Testimonials

“Nykaa has witnessed a growth of 350% & this year onwards we are going to grow on other 300%. With Vin eRetail integrating our online & offline space and providing Omni-Channel experience has been very easy. What we like is the agility that they bring with them to develop future technology”

Nihir Parikh

Chief Business Officer, Nykaa

“Vinculum's systems are scalable and it enabled us to offer Real-Time Inventory view to our clients. We seamlessly managed 10X the normal orders at the End-of-Season Sale.”

Naveen Rawat

Co-founder, Holisol Logistics

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We are a Global Software Company enabling OmniChannel Retailing. We help brands and retailers to easily scale, reach and
delight customers across channels globally. We ensure the presence of the brand along with its smooth management
across more than 150+ integrations.

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