Malaysia and Singapore’s 7 Best ERP Systems for Omnichannel Operations

August 30, 2022

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Enterprise Resource Planning plays a vital role in managing the business in a better way. Such a process helps manage accounts, inventory, supply chain, project management, operations, and other relatable processes to run the business significantly. ERP adds a massive value to providing solutions to the smooth flow of the company.

The business will be run automatically in the tech-savvy world with several solutions to the industry’s momentum. Such systems are suitable for small and medium-scale enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia. Per a survey, the Asia Pacific region stands at the top level in the emerging ERP markets, with an annual rate of 9.8 per cent by 2027.

Malaysia and Singapore deal more in trade and business. As per a report, about 90 per cent of the driving force of such countries comes from Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. Such countries enhance the opportunities to handle the upcoming challenges diversely. As per the research, around fifty per cent of the small and medium-scale enterprises undergo challenges, especially labor and resources management.

Best ERP Systems for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

In this article, you will briefly learn about the best ERP systems in Malaysia and Singapore.


Epicor accessed ERP for about fifty tears with a better experience. It provides two industry-

specific solutions to run the business process prominently. Epicor deals in providing Manufacturing solutions. The software used by ERP helps in enhancing the ROI and effectively simplifying the business process.

As per the report, manufacturing companies top the list for accessing ERP software. Epicor has expertise in 13 different industries involving Medical Devices, Construction, Aerospace and Defence, Furniture, Electronics, Machinery, Electronics, and other relatable sources.

The following solution that Epicor uses is based on distribution. As per the IDC study, Epicor Distribution reaches 8.1 per cent of the total revenue generated.

Sage Group

Sage Group was established 20 years back and provided a lot of Cloud Solutions for the growth of the businesses. The solutions put forward involve Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, and many other processes to run the business smoothly.

The key features of Sage X3 are based on Production Management to provide good quality products. The best of Sage is providing flexibility in its products and offers too. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business; such ERP comes out with a tailor-made solution to fulfil the requirement.

For companies that are into Omnichannel e-commerce businesses, with the Supply Chain Management module, you can track real-time information about Sales, Inventory, and Customer Service. And the other characteristic of Sage X3 is the Financial Management module to manage the accounts and budget in real-time. Such features also help in tracking the finance and stocks in the store in a better way.


Odoo acts as an open-Source ERP system software to appropriately provide tools to every business. The features like Sales, CRM, Invoicing, Accounting, Human Resources, Inventory Management, and other relatable process configure the company for its steady flow.

The fact about Odoo ERP is that it is provided free and deals in open space. As an individual, you can choose your solutions vividly for the expansion of the business in the right way. Such features are suitable for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

You can integrate Odoo ERP with other software to make the workflow easy to access and simple to run. One of the main benefits of Odoo ERP is the employee evaluation system that includes employee performance and leaves rate.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle manages one of the best software solutions to run businesses significantly. NetSuite is one of the Cloud ERPs to provide solutions vibrantly for the easy access of the company. NetSuite manages the business that involves Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Finance, Omnichannel eCommerce, and many more to resolve the business query effectively.

Oracle NetSuite helps in adapting its personalized cloud to run the business smoothly. NetSuite uses the latest technology and software to customize the services better.


Infor stands in the top seven list of ERP solutions with 60,000 customers involved in managing as many industries as expected. It provides solutions to small and medium-scale enterprises and even addresses critical issues.

Infor has the best cloud facilities to run the ERP systems efficiently. Infor is partnered with AWS, the best cloud services provider.


IFS AB is Sweden-based business management software that comes with solutions to industries like Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy resources, service industries, and many more.

IFS AB has a robust business suite, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, and Enterprise & Customer Service Management. It accesses cloud services to minimize costs, manage flexibility, and handle complexities.

It plans, optimizes, and manages the service delivery, availability of the solutions, and productivity of the keys to attracting many customers. IFS AB reduces the technical issues and runs to transfer the method digitally. It is a good choice for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to run business smoothly.


It is now on the list to provide ERP solutions vividly. Such ERP system software was established in 2008 and is expanding in a better way to run on cloud-based services. Acumatica is accessed more for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to resolve the issue crystal-clearly.

The abovementioned seven best ERPs for SMEs in Singapore are suitable for the advancement of the business in a magnificent way. As an owner, you can choose any ERP system solution to resolve the queries effectively. Any one of such ERP systems will be of great help to run the business productively to enhance the sales in the marketplace broadly.

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