How to sell on Zalora – A step by step guide for beginners

June 29, 2020
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Zalora is one of the leading names in Asia’s e-retail business. Launched in 2012, its websites in many Southeast Asian countries have well-established customer bases within a short time. Its Asian presence can soon turn into a global one in the coming years.

Starting with Malaysia, it has widened its reach to Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand. By 2013, Zalora launched its mobile application which has over 10 million downloads today.

Zalora’s online platform carries an expansive range of local and international brands alike. Curated for consumers of different tastes, Zalora’s collections have thousands of items that cover all aspects of fashion, from suits, skirts, sneakers, sportswear, watches, and more. It also offers super-fast shipping, free returns, cash-on-delivery, and access to the latest trends of fashion.

Aside from providing a great shopping experience, Zalora also volunteers its platform to sellers. Take a look at the benefits of registering as a seller on Zalora.

  • Today, 8 out of 10 consumers make purchases online. Selling on Zalora takes your business online
  • Your products get community engagement and exposure to the market
  • There are multiple payment methods available that are secure
  • You get access to Zalora’s large customer base
  • You can personalize your shopfront and can set prices at your discretion
  • You can use Zalora’s intuitive seller center where you can monitor performance, create content, and control pricing
  • You can depend on their fast and reliable delivery services
  • You can get tips from Zalora’s data scientists and fashion experts

If you want to become a part of Zalora and use its platform to sell but are unsure of how to start, this article is your answer. This article will guide you step by step on opening your online shop on Zalora. It will also explain the terms, conditions, and investment that you need to meet to start selling here.

Requirements to Open an Online Shop on Zalora

  • You should have original IDs. Your business must be duly registered with all permits and registration forms, and you must be of above 18 years at the signing of the contract.
  • You need to adhere to all the relevant state laws and policies of the nation where your business operates.
  • You should always pay attention to your pricing and product range. You should also keep a check on your products, prices, stock count, terms and conditions, and any costs that the buyer may incur.
  • You must have the ability to ensure the delivery of customers’ orders within the specified policies.

The Cost of Opening an Online Shop on Zalora

You should know that becoming a seller on the Zalora marketplace is not free. However, the majority of the cost is incurred after the registration of your online shop.

Registering on Zalora is fairly simple as long as you adhere to its specific requirements. Following this, you can register to join Zalora’s marketplace for free.

Many online platforms charge monthly upkeep fees, but you’ll find Zalora to be an exception. It does not charge any monthly up-keep or subscription costs. You’ll start spending once you start listing your items/products. There are extra monthly charges, however, related to various photo listings. Such charges are not very particular and mostly depend on the listed product.

All products that you will sell on Zalora will incur different percentages of commission based on its type and range which can be 10% to 30%. These are susceptible to change in accordance with the latest policies of Zalora. You will also incur some hidden charges based on the returned products by customers.

A Step by Step Guide to Start Selling on Zalora

Here is the main part of the blog, where you can learn how to start selling on Zalora.

1. You can start by googling ‘sell with us Zalora’ and click on the result link. Or go to Zalora’s official website, Zalora Marketplace, Sell with us and Click ‘Get Started’.

Step 1

2. Fill in the details in the required fields.

Step 2

3. Once you submit the form, the strategic marketplace advisors will get back to you within a week. You can start setting up your shop after receiving the node from Zalora. It is here where you can create a logo and brand name for your shop.

Step 3

4. You can now start uploading your products to the Zalora marketplace. Fill in the name, details, and photographs of the product.

Step 4

5. Now you can set the prices of each product as well as their quantity and stock.

Step 5

After finishing all the steps, you are eligible to receive your first order from the Zalora marketplace.

The next step is to learn the order process flow before taking consumer orders.

Step 6

  • After opening your online shop on Zalora, interested consumers can select their preferred product, place the order on Zalora, and pay the amount.
  • Once the product order is verified and paid for, Zalora arranges to pick the item from your store.
  • To avoid the delivery of the wrong item, the product is scanned and matched with the details of the buyer.
  • A transport partner of Zalora collects the product and delivers it to the buyer.
  • Finally, all you need to do is wait till the 15th or 18th of the following month to receive payments.

Note: All the above procedures should be done within 3 working days.

FAQs about selling and opening a store on the Zalora website

Q. How is the Zalora marketplace?

The marketplace of Zalora has become a favored fashion destination for the South Asian region. As of now, Zalora boasts of more than 500 regional and international brands on its platform. At least 100,000 new items are added to its shops.

The huge number of customer traffic that keeps growing every day is of importance here. Zalora’s desktop and mobile applications amount to 26 million per month.

Q. How is Zalora’s Delivery and Shipping Fees?

All of Zalora’s fees are reasonable and well calculated, taking into account the number of ordered items and distance.

Zalora also offers many modes of shipments and deliveries depending on the customer’s preference.

Q. What are the best-selling brands on Zalora’s online shops?

To say that a particular brand sells better than others is not fair. However, independent, handcrafted brands sometimes record more sales on Zalora’s website than famous ones.

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