How to sell on Qoo10 – Step by step seller guide for beginners

July 1, 2020
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Qoo10 Sellers

With technological advancements and innovations, consumer purchase behavior has witnessed a significant shift. Consumers prefer to browse online for the products they wish to buy across a host of online eCommerce platforms that are available as desktop and mobile applications.

This has taken the focus from brick-and-mortar stores to digital commerce platforms and sellers and eCommerce brands are gearing up to cater to the evolving consumer demand.

Over the years, eCommerce brands have been striving to meet the local demand as well as eyeing to expand their sales territory overseas.

And, Southeast Asia or southern Asia has time and again proved to be a lucrative landscape for eCommerce growth and expansion. Considering the surge in demand, several platforms are budding to pave the way for such expansion.

Qoo10 is one of the most loved marketplaces in southern Asia and is soon emerging as one of the one-stop-shop for anything and everything.

With a digital footfall of 6.65 million buyers in a month, Qoo10 unarguably is one of the go-to platforms for the sellers planning to take their product sales into the south Asian nations.

Qoo10 Overview

To give the readers a brief background, Southern Asia’s most loved online marketplace Qoo10 was launched as a joint venture between Gmarket founder Young Bae and eBay Inc. in 2010.

And, within a decade it has expanded its operations to 7 local marketplaces in 5 countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. While Lazada owned by the Alibaba Group has a significant presence in China, Qoo10 is fast gaining ground there too.

Southern and Southeast Asia are considered a hotshot ground for eCommerce growth and expansion. Considering the low penetration rate of mobile and internet in some of the southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, more online marketplaces are expected to come into existence.

Advantages of Selling on Qoo10

While there are already a host of online marketplaces available, many sellers may be apprehensive about opting for Qoo10. Here are some of the advantages of selling on Qoo10 that may sway the sellers’ viewpoint.

  • In today’s digital world, everything is online, be it browsing products online, making online purchases, etc. It’s imperative to be found as a brand and a product online. Qoo10 already has web visits of approximately 6.65 million on a monthly basis. So, sellers don’t have to struggle to establish their online presence. They can leverage the already available network of buyers on Qoo10.
  • While most of the online platforms and especially eCommerce platforms have a fee associated with login, it’s free to register a store on Qoo10. Sellers can put their worry to rest concerning store registration. And, the icing on the cake is that sellers are not liable to pay the product listing fees as well.
  • Staying connected is the new norm and essential aspect of today’s time. Qoo10 offers Live 10 messaging app for the sellers to connect and converse with the buyers.
  • Sellers don’t have to put up with the hassle of the everyday operations as the Sales Manager at Qoo10 takes care of the order tracking, product listing, and shipping aspects.

Things to Consider Before Selling on Qoo10

Every online platform has its own unique features and navigating through it for the first time may be overwhelming for the sellers. Here are some of the key aspects to consider prior to making a decision to be a seller on Qoo10.


In today’s world, consumers are leaning towards digital word-of-mouth. They prefer a thorough online search for the product they wish to buy and would trust the online reviews from peer consumers than the monotonous brand promotions.

That said, the products listed on Qoo10 have reviews from consumers on review sites such as Trust Pilot and Site Jabber. This accentuates the consumer trust in Qoo10 products and thus, sellers don’t have to worry about negative and harsh consumer perception.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for all businesses.And, customer satisfaction is pivotal for eCommerce brands and online sellers. Today’s customers expect seamless, robust experience throughout the entire purchase lifecycle.

However, sellers planning to register stores on Qoo10 must be aware of the limited hours’ availability of the direct toll line. This may impact the customer service aspect substantially. Yet, Qoo10 has been attempting to offer different communication channels to bridge the gap.

The Way Qoo10 Works

Sellers may find several eCommerce platforms cumbersome to navigate and they end up taking the expert assistance. However, getting started on Qoo10 is relatively easy.

The selling process on Qoo10 starts with creating an account, list the products, sell them, obtain the payment in a secure mode. Then, sellers have to ship the products to designated delivery locations, confirm order delivery, and keep a track of the profit margins.

Qoo10 Coupons

Attractive discounts are a great way of encouraging customers to proceed with the purchase decision and come back for more. Qoo10 offers coupons in three exciting categories such as Qoo10 Cart Coupon, Qoo10 Shop Coupon, and Qoo10 Item Coupon.

Qoo10 Item Coupon is applicable for specific items listed by the seller while Qoo10 Shop Coupon is applicable if a buyer is purchasing multiple items from a single store. Qoo10 Cart Coupon is the most useful coupon among all and is applicable to the final cart of a buyer.

Qoo10 Delivery

When it comes to product delivery, it may be a bit complex and pricey on Qoo10. Sellers may buy QXpress CS coupons for $4.5 for same-day delivery.

Qoo10 Transaction and Seller Fee

The transaction fee is a damper when it comes to online sales. And, compared to other counterparts, the transaction fee on Qoo10 is rather high. For every transaction, a 12% fee is deducted and this may put-off the sellers in the long run.

For a seller belonging to ‘normal’ grade, the seller fee is 12% for sales under S$200, 10% for sales between S$200 to S$500, and 8% for sales above S$500. For a seller belonging to ‘good’ grade, the seller fee is 10% for sales under S$200, 8% for sales between S$200 to S$500, and 6% for sales above S$500.

For a seller belonging to ‘power’ grade, the seller fee is 9% for sales under S$200, 7% for sales between S$200 to S$500, and 5% for sales above S$500.

Qoo10 Q-Cash

Q-Cash is the virtual currency used for buying advertising space on Qoo10. As Qoo10 has more web visits when compared to other eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia such as Lazada and Shopee, opting to sell on Qoo10 is highly sensible.

Pre-requisite for Selling on Qoo10

  • The seller must buy 1000 Q-Cash
  • Prior to becoming a seller on Qoo10, the individual must be a Qoo10 member
  • Sellers must disclose personal, financial and business certificates information

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