5 Omnichannel Tips for Southeast Asian Retailers

July 27, 2020
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Uncertain times call for a more creative approach. In this period, where consumers are looking for new ways of contactless shopping and engaging with brands, you need to make sure that your retail brand has the means to offer the same.

Luckily, if you are an omnichannel retailer, you already have a head start in this world of the new normal. But to make sure that you have covered all bases, we have collated five tips for you to take your retail business to the masses via omnichannel experience.

Personalize, personalize, personalize!

Omnichannel retail has always been about creating a personal experience. With shoppers increasingly spending time on their phones, it’s all the more important that you give them a personalized shopping experience.

Spend some time analyzing your customer database and refine it further to create targeted marketing campaigns. Around 40% of consumers prefer ads that help them manage their lockdown lifestyle.

Identify the specific needs of your consumers and see which products or services can help them get through the lockdowns in their respective communities.

Further, integrate your services through easy channels of buying – such as Whatsapp, SMS or social media platforms.

Allow for self-service

It goes without saying that consumers in the times of COVID-19 want to minimize their interactions with personnel.

If you have not already invested in this, then it is the right time for you to set up self-service kiosks or drive-in stores that offer a more contactless customer experience.

The models of BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store) and curbside pickups have gained popularity in the past decade. Today, they have more relevance than ever.

If your store is not seeing many customers, it is better to convert it into a fulfillment center. Brands like Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kendra Scott are already on their way to implementing this model to provide faster deliveries and reduce the burden of contact-based shopping on their main fulfillment hubs.

Use automation wherever you can

Considering that mobile phones are where most consumers shop, technology has to play a central role in your omnichannel retail business. Make sure that you have a strong IT support in place to ensure continued business.

Do not lose focus on customer support. If you feel that a lot of time is going in resolving queries, consider the use of chatbots or even outsourcing some aspects of it.

AI-based suggestions to customers also help in providing them with an immersive shopping experience. While investment in technology at this point may seem heavy, it has significant advantages in the longer run.

Look at the ways in which you can ease the decision-making process for your customers. For instance, Pinterest has partnered with Target and integrated a browsing feature that allows the Pinterest app users to look for similar products of interest in the Target shopping app.

Such partnerships and cross-shopping experiences prove to be a win-win situation for all parties – businesses and the customer.

Reward your loyal customers

With the general paranoia setting in the air, your customers are positively craving for feel-good factors in small or big ways. So, reward them.

Now, more than ever, customers will be spending time on your app or website. Set up a loyalty program for those who use online channels for retail.

It serves the dual purpose of positioning your brand as an advocate for social distancing and also strengthening your relationship with the customer.

One such example is the brand 100% Pure that has implemented the option of donating hand sanitizers to the people in need.

In addition to that, they have also set up a customer loyalty program called Purist Perks, where every time the customer makes a donation, they receive reward points.

With this innovative program, the brand creates a positive social impact and also encourages shoppers to buy and donate the hand sanitizers.

Measure conversions at every stage

The above points serve a purpose only if you are able to get conversions from the omnichannel experience. So, make sure that analytics and Business Intelligence tools are in place to augment your business.

Understand what products and services are working to your advantage and which online channels are they performing well in. That way, you can expand your customer base in those areas accordingly.

To do so effectively, not only do you need to have the right tools at your disposal, but you also need measuring strategies at every checkpoint.

One easy way to ensure this is by partnering with an omnichannel retail solutions provider.

Why Vinculum?

An omnichannel partner, like Vinculum, can help you understand your consumer profile and product offerings and fine-tune your omnichannel strategy.

It also includes recommending the channels where you sell – a feature especially needed if you are just beginning your online retail journey.

Further, our omnichannel solutions help you manage orders and organize fulfillments centrally, to provide a compelling shopping experience to your customers. We seamlessly integrate your online store with offline channels and allow for curb-side pickups.

Finally, we also implement loyalty programs with target-focused campaigns across all channels and bring a consistent customer experience.

With these tips and the right omnichannel partner, not only can your retail business survive the tough times but also flourish in the days to come.

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